Tips to Choose Colour of Clothes

March 8, 2011 by faizalhuda  
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Did you know that the color of clothes can reflect the personality, or at least representative of the feelings at certain times. Therefore, choose the right color clothes when shopping online clothing or clothing which can be found in online stores, online shopping or online boutique.

I you like Green.

Is identical with nature and everything that smells natural. Fans of this color is buff natural things and lover of peace.


The combination of yellow and red color is synonymous with the typical person who likes challenges and fun featured as the center of attention. Especially if combined with interesting accessories women. Bright colors will also make your mood go up.


Everyone knows the color of one is synonymous with pure and clean. White also included the safest color other than black, because it can be combined with any color. If you are a thoughtful people, certainly most of the contents of your wardrobe consists of colors other than women’s accessory.


This bright color symbolizes intelligence and highly intellectual. Yellow is often associated with outdoor color. Buff color is an optimist, tough, and resilient.


Represent brightness and comfort. Blue enthusiasts are usually very fond of tranquility. If you want to feel comfortable and accepted without having to look very confident, the blue color could be an option when shopping online clothing.


This is the darkest color from the other for women’s clothing or women’s clothes. Most suitable for you who do not like to appear blunt. Radiated a mysterious character in black darkness. Besides, black is also very representative for an elegant and sexy appearance.


This color is identical with the impression girlie and feminine to diliat at online stores, boutiques online course at the time you want by shopping online clothes shopping. Memorable soft and adequately represent the feelings of falling in love flowery. Nothing wrong with dinner with a girlfriend with a bandage soft shades of pink, ideal for women’s clothing or women’s clothes.


Mirror tough and independent. In addition to representing the courage and independence, the red color was also often seen as a sexy and seductive

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