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Make the classic business suit age-appropriate.

You’re never too young or too old to wear a smart and classy business suit.

From the big meetings at work to a luncheon with clients, a polished suit spells success. Take your time finding one with the perfect fit and style – one that suits your age, body proportions, and personal taste. Try breaking the suit and pairing the jacket or bottom with casual pieces, and updating them with the season’s trends.


Women in their twenties can get away with most anything, be it a bright color, an avante garde silhouette, or whimsical details. At this age there are no boundaries, so feel free to mix up. It’s all about having fun with fashion and expressing your personal style.


As you climb the corporate ladder, your suits become more sophisticated. Keep an eye out of subtle nuances, like a tapered leg, a dramatic collar, or embellished edges to give sharp cuts and sleek silhouettes a fashion forward touch.


At forty, you rely on your suits as the foundation of your wardrobe, so it’s high time to invest. Splurge on luxurious fabrics and timeless cuts, and be very particular with the fit. Feel free to don your favorite jewels or tote an “it” bag – a look made iconic by Coco Chanel

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