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August 19, 2011 by Lady Sunshine  
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Featuring some summer Asian fashion.

I’ve always had a passion for Asian fashion, loving their distinct styles and designs from China, Korea and Japan. With summer winding down, I would like to showcase just some of the styles out there that are designed for warmer weather. 

Yukata (Informal Kimono)

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A pink, floral print yukata with blue and white obi (sash) featuring black lace.

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Blue floral print yukata with pink butterfly obi

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Yukata is a casual, unlined Japanese kimono worn during the summer months. It’s usually made from cotton or other synthetic fibers. It can be commonly seen at summer events in Japan, such as bon-odori festivals or fireworks display shows. Yukata literally means bath(ing) clothes, for they are frequently worn after bathing in traditional Japanese inns. 

Summer Hanbok

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Twenty long hanbok skirts or chima layered on top of each other. 

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Spring and summer hanbok from the Namsangol Hanok Village

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Hanbok is the traditional dress of Korea. It consists of a jeogori (top jacket) and chima (long skirt). During the summer months in the Joseon Dynasty, hanbok would usually be made from either “mosi” (ramie) or “sambe” (hemp). Both fibers allowed the air to circulate and keep the body cool, drying any perspiration. Mosi was valued for its light texture and was worn by the aristocracy while sambe was easier to cultivate, thus making it the preferred choice by commoners.  

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A (modernized) fusion summer hanbok for summer fun. “Fusion hanbok” is the mixing of the traditional Korean dress with modern or contemporary fashion. 

Cotton Cheongsam

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Cheongsam is a one-piece Chinese dress worn by women. It’s often body-hugging, showing off the curves and legs. In Chinese Mandarin it’s called the qipao. It features a mandarin collar, frog closures and thigh high slits. During the summer, a cotton cheongsam dress would be a classy and casual thing to wear. 

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Cheongsam dress featuring floweret print and frog closures. 

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A short, pink chequer cheongsam dress made out of brocade cotton. 

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  1. Melody SJAL Says:

    Very fashionable and chic. Tweeted.

  2. M Nasri Says:

    Hello Lady Sunshine . I’m really impressed with your work. Thanks for being my fan. Now I’ve checked you out, let’s be friends. Check out some of my work – and don’t forget to comment every now and again – and ‘LIKE’ my stuff too. I’ll do the same for you. That’s friendship!

  3. Christine Ramsay Says:

    Such beautiful fashions. A really lovely article.

  4. Erin Miller Says:

    Interesting clothing styles. I like how you pieced it down.

  5. papaleng Says:

    Koreans are very good at Fashion. nice clothing styles in here.

  6. Shirley Shuler Says:

    Hi Lady Sunshine, this is a wonderful share, I have always had a passion for Asian fashion myself, love the pictures!!

  7. Chicpinay Says:

    I wanna see myself wearing those yukata in the future specially the pink ones. Haha! <3 Gorgeous and Fab!!

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