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August 15, 2008 by g03harte  
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How to dress like a celebrity on a budget.

so you’ve read the magazines, seen the pictures, and have a rough idea of the look you want to work. yet you’re finding it difficult knowing where to start. sometimes all the inspiration in the world can be useless unless you know how to turn it into physical form. the aim of this guide it to transform all your fashion ideas into wearable and stylish looks.

a typical celebrity look may sometimes look simple, but it takes a number of people’s combined efforts to achieve a style so chic. firstly, start with yourself. it is near impossible to look great in an outfit if the detail isn’t there. before you rush to the nearest mall and empty your purse, you need to make sure you look and feel great. head to your nearest salon and yet your hair and nails sorted. there is nothing sexier than a gorgeous head of shiny hair, or a set of beautifully painted nails. go down to the beach to top up your tan, or alternatively go for the safer option of spray tanning. some great tans can be purchased in local drugstores (try St. Tropez for a great, streak-free finish). for those with a little more cash in their wallets, salons offer all-body tans for around 40$ which can last up to 6 days.

right, so you’ve had your manicure and pedicure, your hair is looking beautiful and your body is glowing with californian style tan. now its time to head to the mall. a typical celebrity style look is made up of a number of flattering basics, offset with a few more expensive accessories, in an interesting texture or fabric. jewelry is also important: think big and bold and always over the top. find a great hat in a trilby style; this should be inexpensive but must fit your head shape exactly. in terms of colour, think black or beige with a trim in a slightly darker colour.

here is a list of staples, which should go at the top of your list of shopping priorities and make the paps mistake you for a celebrity!

  • A fabulous pair of jeans.

    Jeans are work one day to day basis and they are therefore not an item you should feel the need to save on. invest in a great pair of stylish denim jeans, in a timeless cut, which will see you through all the seasons. look out for a slim fit pair in a dark blue colour, making sure that the length is perfect and the jeans hug your bottom. check brands Siwy, Acne and Tsubi for beautifully cut jeans.

  • T-shirts.

    It may sound boring but trust me on this. t-shirts are an absolute must for a celebrity-inspired look. just check the Olsens, Kate Moss or Nicole Richie. All wear t shirts as part of an every day, out-and-about staple piece, and all make them look great. make sure the fabric is right – look for a high cotton percentage and check the feel for softness. the shirt should not drown you but should also not be suffocating. for those with long faces: go for a round neck. for those of us whose faces are more heart shaped or rounded, go for a v-neck style. check American Apparel and GAP for a great selection of colours, all reasonably priced.

  • Black ankle boots

    A must for any fashionista; they can be work in virtually any season and can really make a look. pair with skirts and vests in the summer for gorgeous style, or add opaque tights and a dress in the winter for understated chic. personally, i favour a high healed, platform style in leather. Balenciaga are heroes for this sort of thing.

  • Blazers

    In all colours of the rainbow… yes, you should own at least 3 blazers to see you through the seasons, which you can alternate depending on what colour jeans you are wearing. look for fitted styles which flatter your shape, but go easy on the shoulder padding. i would recommend starting your collection with a black , navy blue and grey blazer, as these are the most practical and wearable colours. also, don’t be afraid to work a top-to-toe colour, providing you accessorize to add interest. for example, a grey blazer and grey pair of jeans can look great together: just make sure to break the look up by adding something like a white shirt or blouse, as well as a statement necklace or handbag.

  • Accessories

    A thoroughly open-ended topic for discussion; the issue of accessories and accessorizing is one which is constantly in debate with fashionistas across the globe. here i’ll state my opinion…phew, here goes. first off, you can never be too over the top. sure, some favour the more elegant apporach to accessorising an outfit, but i personally feel otherwise. for the paradoxical reason that, the more jewelry you put on..the more the attention is diverted from the jewelry and placed upon you. for example, if a celebrity wears a single simple and expensive pendant, the fashion magazines will coo over this particular piece, analysing its price, the jewels it contains and commenting on the designer. however when a celebrity wears, say, 10 pendants, the resulting look is so messy that it is impossible to focus on one particular piece. instead the magazines will forus on the celebrity in question, and how she uses this mess of pieces to pull her eclectic style together, and as a foil for the rest of the outfit. i therefore think: if you are going to bother accessorizing, you may as well go for it. raid your local thrift stores and kiddies jewelry stores. its not what you spend, but how you wear the pieces you acquire. throw on a dozen necklaces and pair with a simple black dress and bare legs for dazzling celebrity style. the same goes for rings and bracelets…the more the better. however, stick to one type of jewelry when going over the top.

This concludes today’s entry of Street Style. we hope you’ll be back reading next week when part 2 will be issued. this will give you more tips on how to dress like a celebrity, and will include 5 more staples to help you on your trip to the mall! we hope you enjoy it!

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