Spring Sweaters Give Warmth to Cool Summer Outfits

April 7, 2009 by writecorner  
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Keep warm (and cool) this spring by adding a sweater to your ensemble. The perfect color or style can match any outfit and keep temperature changes from changing your wardrobe plans.

Whether you’re going casual or classy, a sweater is the perfect way to keep cool spring temperatures at bay without compromising style. Select the color and style that best fits your personal taste, no matter what occasion’s in store.

Simple Pastel

The simple and elegant button-up sweater is a staple in almost everyone’s wardrobe. A good fit will accentuate your curves with a thin knit that won’t add bulk. From desirable cashmere to a simple soft wool or cotton weave, pastels are the choice for the spring season. Match pale blue with a yellow sundress or white muslin skirt; or pair pink with a pale green party dress or khaki slacks.

Sleek Half-Jacket

Spring jeans and muscle tees show off best with a cool and casual half-jacket. Whether neutral brown or smokin’ hot pink, the half-jacket shows off your shirt or blouse, but keeps short-sleeve warms warm and toasty on cool spring evenings. Zippers, hoods, and slim pockets keep this jacket a casual affair far from the party dress scene.

Mini Half-Sleeve

For a touch of trendy sweater warmth, try a mini knit with half or quarter sleeves. With bright and pastel colors, sequins and beads, and a range of styles, finding the perfect match to compliment your dress or skirt is easy. Made to button snug and up high with a half-sweater design means your dress or shirt is the main attraction, while your arms and shoulders receive a little extra protection from cool night temperatures.

Keeping warm without detracting from your coolest clothes by adding a sleek sweater style to your wardrobe. Choosing the right sweater or jacket only compliments your outfit without compromising the look.

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