Recession Chic: How to Look Good When You’re Poor

September 28, 2008 by Liz Roberts  
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Don’t let this crazy economy cramp your chicness. You can still look good even if you’re strapped for cash!Pick out one trend or two and update your wardrobe around them! That;s all you need to look runway glamorous.

Don’t despair if money is tight right now. You can still look chic for less. Instead of buying every trend out there, just buy one or two. These not only make you look hip but add more versatility to your wardrobe. Another plus is you don’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of discount stores and sites that can give you that hip Fall 2008 look for a lot less.

  1. Fun fedoras. A hat can add sex appeal to even jeans, tee shirt and a blazer. It’s a fun fashion statement plus it’ll keep your head warm during the colder months. A cool look is a tweed for day and a black one for evening. A lot of cheaper stores such as Target sell them. Also flea and outdoor markets sometime shave hat stands catering to both men and women. These will give you an inexpensive array of this chic style of hat.
  2. Ballet flats – the absolute must have. Not only are these versatile they are also comfortable. They don’t strain your ankles or calves the way stilettos do and you won’t have to worry about tripping. Right now patent leather is the big thing but you can also buy them in regular leather, suede and cloth. They look hip with a tunic and leggings and add class to a pair of wide leg pants. They re the best shoe to wear with shorter skirts too. For the best priced pair try Payless for the cost and choice. Target is another good choice
  3. Open toed pumps. Yes these are sexy but they also add oomph to that two year old business suit you own. Even Sarah Palin has been seen campaigning in them. Patent leather is hot but a good leather is another smart choice. Black is good but also try out gunmetal gray , navy or maroon. Again Payless and Target are your best bets for low cost and versatility of styles and colors.
  4. .Learn to love those leggings again. These Eighties classic are becoming a staple in women’s wardrobes again. They look the best under a large knit tunic and add a certain coolness to casual Friday wardrobes. Your best color bets are black, deep greys and navies for a more modern look. Pair with ballet flats or pumps for a really hip, downtown look. This time try Newport News or Target for the best priced (I bought mine at these places for 12 dollars and 9 dollars respectively)
  5. Wrap yourself in a wrap dress. Thanks to a renewed interest in Diane Von Furstenburg’s sexy style , this dress is the season’s must have. It’s a the perfect date dress as well as being the perfect office to evening wear and look. You can buy one in a solid color or a wild , colorful print. Chad wick’s has an excellent se3lection of these (and they’ve expanded their Petite size range) Their price is $49.99 but don’t forget Chadwick’s give discounts with the catalog along with online (Either that or you’ll get a cool free gift or a discount if you order a second dress).
  6. Get real with natural make up. A new lipstick or eye shadow always revs up a tired old work outfit or party frock. Your best bet is mineral make up which gives a glow from within kind of look. Don’t worry about pricing. There are some good companies like Everyday Minerals, Signature Minerals and elf cosmetics that offer bargain pricing. You can buy the sample jars from Everyday Minerals for as low as $2.50.Signature Minerals has a great bargain basement section while elf has some cool lip and eye colors for under $6.00 .
  7. Patent leather anything. A new patent leather clutch or belt can rev up last year’s dress or high waisted skirt. Also patent leather pumps or flats add a cool, elegant look that can be worn for day or for night. For bags and belts check out J C Penney’s along with target. For the shoes , again Payless tops the list.
  8. Long sweaters should be on your short list.. These are great over a blouse and slacks for work or a tank and jeans for date night. Every store is carrying them but for price check out Chadwicks and La Redoute. Also Victoria’s Secret has them as well in boucle and cashmere. I would stick with Chadwicks for price and washability.(plus their color selection is the best, ranging from blacks ands chocolates to brights)
  9. Sign off with signature jewelry. Follow Michelle Obama’s lead and go for a couple of big pins. Try a huge Chanel type cuff to make last year’s turtleneck ultra hip. Buy a cool pair of big Eighties style hoops for evenings out. Be Kate Moss or Nicole Ritchie chic with some signature pieces. The best buys right now are coming from jewelry sites Laila Row and all the rage on line. These have everything from fancy cuffs to door knocker cocktail rings. Also the clip on earring site, Cliptomania has cool clip on earrings for practically next to nothing.

You can still look good during these hard economic times. Just pick out one of these and use it to amp up your old clothes. You ‘ll look like a million bucks which is a pretty hard feat to do these days,.

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  1. jo oliver Says:

    Boy did I need these tips. I am having trouble buying a pack of gum at this point!

  2. watches fan Says:

    I really have to admit it’s quite a novelty to arrive at a relatively ‘different’ blog like this, great job. I expect I’ll be coming back fairly soon and I look forward to reading your next post when I do.

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