Lovely Large Ladies

August 8, 2007 by K. Thomas  
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Buxom is beautiful and hips are hip! Plus-sized girls like to feel sexy, too. Big women of the world, unite!

It irks me that larger ladies like myself have such a hard time finding clothes that make us feel sexy. I am not, and probably never will be a size 2. Does that mean that I do not like, want or deserve to feel like the hottest thing since sliced bread? And, fair warning, folks, I am about to break a taboo here: large ladies and sexy underwear.

I keep my outerwear respectable (usually!) but sometimes I want to know that I have on something naughty underneath. And being plus-sized, it is blasted difficult to find pretty underthings in my size. Who said that only women with waists like toothpicks had the right to feel sexy?

What’s more, sizes 2, 4, and 7 are no longer the norm. Yes, models still strive for that rather warped view of “perfection,” but let’s be realistic here. In a world where more and more women are plus-sized, doesn’t it make sense to cater to our needs? I know full well that I am not the only Large and Lovely Lady out there who wants to wear slinky skivvies from time to time.

Buxom is beautiful; hips are hip. Now it’s time for the fashion industry to realize that us big girls have a large part of the market, and would eagerly snap up the pretty things that our skinny sisters get to wear!

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2 Responses to “Lovely Large Ladies”
  1. pnkguru Says:

    What ever may be your sizes in blouses: There is a good solution:


  2. Sailorman82 Says:

    I agree with you in that there are more and more of the larger ladies around, and as a admirer of the fairer sex in the plus size I am happy to see it. Although I have found sexy under things for my lovely ladies in thier sizes. Vicoria’s secret is starting to carry plus sizes in thier garmets, plus if you don’t mind going into the adult novelty type store, you can find some very sexy and stimulating pieces there. Good luck in your search and I hope all the plus ladies out there find what they want.

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