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November 4, 2008 by dingthing  
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Dressing for your body type requires physical, mental, and emotional preparation.

Diet and Attitude

When I was in high school I was an awkward young girl who hides herself through her friends. Why? because I consider myself as somewhat less attractive than my friends. I did not know how to dress because in my circle only way you can look hot is if you loose that “baby fat” of yours. The truth of the matter is no matter what size you are, you can look sexy if you are confident enough to pull it off. Of course it’s important to bear in mind the tolerable wardrobe the public can take.

I started doing research and scanning magazines for celebs who are near my body type. I started watching a lot of movies for wardrobes I can copy. I was also inspired to eat lesser than my usual intake and drink lots of water. And you know something? I never felt happier. There are some tips I can give in dressing for a plus-sized body type but the rest is up to you.

Food of course is very hard to resist. Honestly, it ascends my mood. I get an incredible transformation whenever I eat a brownie or banana. We normally call it sugar rush, just be sure not to over do it. To satisfy these sugar fixes try munching on graham cracker, granola bar, or yogurt. And I may sound like a total traitor if i told you this but I’m going to say it anyway, LAY OFF THE CARBS. Everything is a matter of watching what you eat. Most importantly stock on H20.

Getting to Know Me

The secret to this success is honesty:

  • Weigh and measure your proportions
  • Do not be afraid to step on a scale and reveal. This is a way of opening up to yourself. I know how hard it is to look down and see those numbers we dread. My point is to be honest. You have only yourself to comfort, be happy with, and cry. Use a fresh pad and jot down the measurements to keep track of yourself.

  • Evaluate
  • After taking note of these very interesting revelations, re-establish where you stand. Did you like what saw? do you think this is right? Does it make you happy? Which parts do you want to improve? What is your goal? Questions like these will help you get far as loosing or firming up your initial body mass and weight. I call it JUMP START.

  • Be conscious
  • If you want to change this sad part of you, it’s important to be conscious. PLEASE DO NOT OVER DO THIS. You could pass for a very needy and irritating person. Keep it to yourself. At the end of the day you will know what to improve on. This is also part of being modest.

Dressing for Your Body

Now the fun part!! REMOVE THOSE CLOTHES THAT MADE YOU LOOK SO UGLY! I remember looking at high school pictures and not liking what I saw. If you think your arms are too big wear coats, jackets, or simply a top with sleeves that highlight your best asset.

Tight vests also hug your body emphasizing shape. Show a bit of your cleavage and collar bone. That’s always sexy. I tell you watching movies, showbiz news and T.V series help in establishing your desired style. Preppy details are also nice to follow. Do you know why? because they show less skin. It’s all about collars, buttons, and accessories.

I hope I helped you “jump start”. Change will happen if you allow it. Don’t be scared. Just start whenever everything will fall in place.

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