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May 10, 2011 by Melanie T  
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Why is it that young men think it’s "cool" to wear their pants so low?

I was standing in a local furniture store the other day waiting for some assistance.  There was a specific piece I was looking for and I couldn’t find it on the floor.  The young man who worked there was with a customer and seemed to be the only one working at the time.  After a few minutes he came up to me and asked how he could help.  He was very pleasant and when I mentioned what I needed he had me follow him over to a set of display books so I could look through them.  As he leaned down to pick one up that’s when I saw it; his pants were positioned under his “rear” and completely exposing his underwear! He made no attempt to pick his pants up which led me to think that he wanted them to look that way.  My first thought of course was how unprofessional it made him look.  As odd as it looked this was not the first time I have seen this (though definitely the first time in a store, usually it’s just kids on the street).

I wonder why this is viewed as being cool.  When did we go from “tuck your shirt in” to “Let it all hang out”? There was a time when people would be embarassed if their underwear showed.  Now it seems as if they are doing it on purpose.  Ask any teenager who does this and they will say “I like to sag”.  Some even consider it to be sexy!  These kids are lucky they don’t live in Memphis where if caught “sagging” you could end up with a $200 fine.  Yes, they are trying to pass a bill giving tickets to those caught wearing their pants too low.

This “style” actually started in jail! When a prisoner gets incarcerated their belts are removed (for obvious reasons) and this causes the sagging effect.  In recent years Rap artists have copied this look and of course their fans have done the same.  The idea was to have the “bad boy” appearance without actually being a bad boy!  Of course being a grown up I have a hard time this “style” as anything more than messy and disrespectful.  What do you think?

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