How to Get a Timeless Fashion Look

October 19, 2011 by DanielD  
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The basic principles of achieving a great look that doesn’t lose currency when the season goes by are quite simple. Start by sticking to clean lines designs: elegance and overwhelming don’t go together well.

 If you want to get a classic lady look forget about adjectives as remarkable, baffling or strange. A sophisticated woman doesn’t need to call the attention of the audience with extravagance. You’ll always notice her before her dress.

Go on with the construction of your distinguish image by focusing on quality items. Prime clothing is essential to refinement. Choosing delicate garments is not a matter of luxury or opulence but of intelligence, as they last for a long time they might end up to be cheaper because of their longevity. Aim for quality over quantity. When buying cloth, think about it as a long term invention paying the very best that you can afford for icon pieces. If you go shopping, don’t follow your impulses, you should better be pretty careful, demanding, and always loyal to the main rule: pick up quality stuff. It’s preferable to get few fine items than lowering your expectations about your desires. When you really like an item you want to have it at its best.

Edit your wardrobe and you’ll see that you can do more with less. Each single piece that you add to your collection might have a special meaning to you, they must be valuable for any reason not necessarily related to the price tag or the famous label. To find out one of a kind pieces, keep away from high-street brands and search for independent designers and hand-crafted apparel.

Finally, pay attention to the fabric, reject artificial fibres and choose natural ones. Just think about the pleasant experience of warming up with a twin-set of pure cashmere sweater and cashmere cardigan instead of wearing a synthetic wool pullover. Feel the difference between walking in leather shoes and disposable plastic heels.

You won’t get tired of your timeless items as they can be easily updated with seasonal accessories. The great thing with classics is that they are like Peter Pan, they never get old. 

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  1. dwisuka Says:

    good advice. thanks for sharing

  2. monessenmoon Says:

    Very good advice thanks

  3. ittech Says:

    good advice

  4. jennifer eiffel dombrowski Says:

    I think you make a lot of sense. My sister bought me a skirt for my dad’s funeral last year and I am still using it. It was expensive, too. It is very nice.

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