How to Dress Like a Hippie

October 22, 2007 by Kristie Leong MD  
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The hippie style is cool, natural and comfortable. Here’s how to dress like a hippie.

It may not be the 1960’s anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t express your in hippie fashion. The handmade, natural look of the hippie movement was perfect for the counter-culture, tree hugging hippies of yesterday and might be just right for you today. Nothing beats the comfort of dressing hippie style and it’s consistent with the trends to sport the hippie look with the green movement being so popular.Here’s how to dress like a hippie:

Stock up on comfortable jeans.

If you want to dress like a hippie, you need to have jeans. The more comfortable and worn your jeans are the more of a hippie statement you’ll make. Make sure that they hug your hips and are flared at the bottom like the bell bottoms worn in the 1960’s. To add even more hippie chic, fray the legs of your jeans at the bottom to give a fringed look. Add a few patches to your jeans give them character and wear them everywhere. Stay away from high end designer jeans, you want second hand, “no name” jeans. In the summer, wear your jeans with flat sandals. In the winter, pair them with a pair of boots. Never wear your jeans with high heels or designer shoes. This is very un-hippie.

  1. Look for natural fabrics.

    Look for interesting clothing in all natural fabrics. It’s even better if the clothes you choose appear handmade. Some nice styles to adopt include granny dresses and peasant blouses in all natural cotton fabric. In the summer, wear a cool halter made of macramé or a midriff top with some beading. You’ll feel cool and so natural.

  2. Add some interesting accessories.

    Do you remember the Flower Girl song from the 1960’s? Why not strap on a headband with a flower attached or simply pin a flower in your hair? Other accessories you’ll want to sport to dress like a hippie include beaded necklaces you’ve made yourself and the ubiquitous peace symbol. Get a large peace symbol pendant and string it on a piece of leather cord to wear with your peasant blouse or halter top. You can never have too many piece symbols if you’re into hippie fashion. Dangle peace symbols from your ears or sport a peace symbol belt buckle for the ultimate hippie fashion statement. Complete the look with an all natural hemp bag.

  3. Shop the secondhand stores.

    Secondhand stores including Goodwill and Salvation Army are full of interesting hippie attire. You’ll find tons of well worn jeans to which you can add your own patches as well as tie dyed t-shirts to coordinate with them. You may also find brightly covered mini skirts from the 1960’s and cool chain belts. Look for fringed vests and jackets and, of course, some hip peasant tops and granny dresses. Buy some white t-shirts from a second hand store, take them home and create your own tie dyed creation.

Now that you know how to dress like a hippie, be sure to wear your hair long, lose and just a bit unkempt. Avoid wearing heavy makeup as this goes against the hippie philosophy. Have fun with your new hippie look!

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  1. christina Says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ah ah ah ah aha ha ha ha ha

  2. ridge Says:

    i’m a dude, but i’m a hippie, and this helps kinda sorta.

  3. sarina Says:

    who would go on this?

  4. Hilary Duff Says:

    hey pepes i had to dress up like a hippie in one of music vid’s!*tee hee*

  5. missy Says:

    this helped me a lot cuz i have to dress like this at my school!!

  6. sara Says:

    it helped like so much dude thanks

  7. Tree hugger Says:

    Our media can be so rediciulous…. What is this, “Hippie 101″?????????

  8. ariel Says:

    i like this article
    im tired of seeing people who clam they arehippies
    and they look like they are coming out of
    a channel store or something

  9. John Chang Says:

    Hey I am seriously getting on this. This is why I googled the phrase “how to dress like a hippie” It bangs!

  10. kellllly anna baby girl Says:

    yeah sabrina ..go die

    :) lova yah…SIKEE

  11. john Says:

    whait why do u whant her to die thats sad but sabrina this site is totaly groovy dude peace-n-love

  12. jenn Says:

    hippies ruuuule why doesnt every 1 dess like a hippie!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!???????????????????

  13. kitty kat Says:

    this is so cool!! i think whoever would go on this would learn alot about how hippies look and act!!!!!! my mom loves hippies, though!!!!!!!!

  14. nadia Says:

    oh thank god! this helped so much (i have this thing at school and i need to dress like a hippy)

  15. *brooke* Says:

    ok i love this page wanted to add something thuogh!tips:being “hippie” is almost a religion… its what you beleive in,peace is the big part of it (i hate those people on myspace that just show the symbol to show off there fake nails) :> ,live your life to the fullest,have fun,trie everything at least once! (and being mellow while doing so helps alot) never take yourself to seriously “be yourself”…. wether its hippie or not! but i will tell you this choosing this life style kicks ass!!!!

  16. *cool* Says:

    This is good info I needed it cause my school is having a 60 dance and i need to dress like a hippie!!!!

  17. leona Says:

    I thought it wuz ok but kind of boreing didn’t really help

  18. Ban the bomb! Says:

    Cool! Remember though you don’t ‘have’ to shop second hand, allthough I do pick the odd thing up in charity shops you can get some great new clothing if you go to the right places. Check out ‘british made’ jeans by PoP, they do some lovely hippy chords for men or women with nice flare and hip hugging comfort. I actually managed to get myself a pair of flairs for my 30″ legs which can be quite hard to get hold of for a bloke.

  19. Ellie Says:

    doing this thing for school,
    hippies are gross!
    i would hate to be one,
    well not gross they are funny to look at :)
    haha haha haha lol who would run around naked and do drugs!
    thank god to the 80’s
    no more HIPPIES

  20. Lins Says:

    hippies rock, you better thank us modern day hippies, were the only ones who care about peace, and our earth.

    to dress like a hippie, my best advice is dont try to, throw on jeans, and a tee messy hair, and dont care.

    and remember peace!!!!

  21. haz Says:

    dressing like a hippy is gr8 but its what matters inside that makes you a hippy lil dudes …

    By the way you got the hippy fashion spot on man.

    peace out /

  22. bubbles Says:

    :) Cute as!

  23. Liby Says:

    awsome i love it !!!!!

  24. Bailey Says:

    You’re all saying that being a hippie is a midset, and a belief, and yet you’re treating it like every other trendy fashion.
    Way to be.

  25. peace girl Says:

    groovy! I love hippies they rock! peace people ! I wanted to learn how to be a hippie so i could dress like one 4 Halloween! yo hippies! peace out keep on groovin!

  26. Kate Says:

    this was pretty helpful! I’m sooo into the whole peace, love, happiness tihng. but i hate when ppl just wear cause its supposed to be ‘in’ now. and im like yeah..ive been wearing this since before it was in again. what now. lol


  27. Hannah Says:

    This site is really helpful, but i totally agree with you kate how everyone is just wearing hippie clohes cause it’s “in”. I was wearing it before it was “in” too it’s annoying, cause peole actually claim to be hippys, because they but designer so called hippy clothes ugh..

    Stay different : )

  28. chelsea Says:

    wow. if you have to follow this, you definitely shouldn’t be calling yourself a hippie.

  29. bella Says:

    hey this help me a lot so than you now i can be a hippie
    lololthanks forever

    hippie for life!!!!!go green

  30. Holly Says:

    Cool! This will do it… im going to dress as a hippy for Halloween and this definately breaks it down. :) Im actually liking their style…i think ill be a HIPPY FOR LIFE :) LOL

  31. kelsie Says:

    to the hannah that claimed to be a hippie before everyone else, you spelt hippie wrong. smart.

  32. cap Says:

    yo its 2008 and im one fly mother hippie ha ha my names hippie

  33. cap Says:

    i already liked the hippie way but i wouldnt show my hippieness untill now becuase this girl i like does

  34. cap Says:

    ok i almost forgot check out my youtube channle ( bigcamera23 )

  35. inckypink Says:

    i love hippy style! in my class im doing a hippy party and im the fashion designer in it. so can anyone plase give me some ideas for desgning hippy clothes

  36. inckypink Says:

    sorry you guyz i just found out today that im not doing hippy style anymore so dont bother replying!

  37. Hannah Says:

    I love hippy styles. They’re so much more comfortable than clothes today. I found this site helpful so thanks very much. Peace and love.

  38. Josie Says:

    FINALLY!! I love this article. i hate it when people claim to be hippies, and they’re pretty much a piece of designer clothing!!! ugh! that just puts my nerves on the edge.

  39. Leanne Says:

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the hippie style. But one thing that I tend to stay away from is rocking the peace sign. I think the peace sign has become a trend rather than a statement like it was in the 60s. If you wanna dress hippie, be yourself and you are already one step there.

    and i agree with the designer clothing statement, free people and lucky brand nailed the “hippie style” but at an extremely high cost. When did tye-dye become so expensive?

  40. she :P Says:

    awwwwwww i wanna be hippie :(
    but i’m not very creative :/

  41. Nika Says:

    hey this is awesome.. :) ) this helped me alot.. thx.. :)

  42. natalie Says:

    useful info.

  43. hippiedudet "callie" Says:

    didnt u know that hippies say “dudes” for boys and”dudets” for girls.thats the main thing on how to be a hippie.P.s u must also have granny glasses that are square.

  44. cc Says:


  45. brooke Says:

    this is not helping me at all and i have to dress like this at school and all and it doesnt help me!!!!!

  46. Natii-dressin as a hippy :S Says:

    This really did’nt help me, im dressing as a hippy for my friends sleepover, i am puzzled on what to wear :s bright colours? Dodgy accessories ? :S:S:S:S:S

  47. Hollyyy :) Says:

    You actually can spell hippy .. hippy and hippie its both ways!
    Just thought i’d say :)
    Its annoying that it has been labeled though, it should jus be a laid back style of thinking living without the drugs weed etc . i dont think its neccesary, i used to smoke it and im a lot happier now than then even though (yes i know ;) it is nice ;)
    Join the CND if you believe in it ! dont just wear the peace symbol because its cool or if you dont really believe in ‘peace’
    Annnnd im loving the article btw :) most fun but one thing i will add is that you dont have to wear jeans! I never do and im still as comfortable and look fairly laid back. I htink it’s just different for different people :)
    Anyway peace everyone :)

  48. Hippiebob Says:

    Hippie is the only spelling. Hippy means someone with large hips! The clothing ideas are great but remember, being a hippie is a state of mind, not what you wear. I spent most of the hippie era in Vietnam, but made up for it when I got home.

  49. sammy-joe Says:

    i think everyone should dress like this… would be good for the enviroment if everyone wore organic clothes
    i think the modern days takes life too serious….
    life should be a happy and relaxed place

  50. Angela Krause Says:

    Didn’t help me ( I need to dress as a hippie for a concert)

  51. blue Says:

    omg yall iz weird

  52. Jazzy Says:

    this kinda helped tomorrow is hippie day at school so……

  53. Peace is forever man! Says:

    Hey,dude,thanks so much!!!

    PS—-Even if people say we are peaceniks,we are the beautiful people!!!

    FAR OUT!!

  54. *HollyG:D* Says:

    Being a hippie is a state of mind rather than what you are wearing. (some)Drugs expand the mind not damage it. I don\’t know why the media makes them seem like they are so bad. Has anyone ever died from smoking marijuana? Anyway, I could care less if other people wear designer clothes and call themselves a hippie, if you are truly a hippie, why do you care? Peace and love! (I\’m a hippie)

  55. Stu Says:

    If your looking at this post for real-time hippie advice then your not in the right place. Hippie is a state of mind. If your concerned with looking “hippie”, then perhaps you’re not doing it for the right reasons. Peace and Love.

  56. gabbi :) Says:

    hey,, uhh people yous are all pretenders if you were lookin at this anyways lol… to the real hippies at heart peace n love x

  57. abrille Says:

    being hippie is good :)
    it will make world better…

  58. Maxine Says:

    I love hippie fashion and I love how they are free spirited and laid back.

  59. Anonymous Says:

    Er… All the hippies keep saying that if your looking on this site you’re not really a hippie… But you guys are on this site yourselves……… Anyways, I’ve got nothing against you guys but I just wanted to put it out there…

  60. Anonymous Says:

    Er… All the hippies keep saying that if your looking on this site you\’re not really a hippie… But you guys are on this site yourselves……… Anyways, I\’ve got nothing against you guys but I just wanted to put it out there…

  61. Anonymous Says:

    Oops, I said that twice!!

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