Finding the Right Outfit for a Cocktail Party

May 22, 2008 by lrh2310  
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What to wear to a cocktail party.

Have you ever been invited to a cocktail party and not know what to wear? Typically those that are throwing a cocktail party are those that are trying to impress fellow workers and the job usually consists of executive positions. This means many people will try to mingle to get to know someone that can help them in their career. Many that are going to be attending the party will probably be those that were invited as well as a guest or two they bring along. The challenge is how to dress.

As a woman, dressing for a cocktail party is not as easy as a man. The man simply puts on a nice suit and goes. However, a woman has to be dressed up but not too dressed up. She doesn’t want to wear a gown that will make her stick out like a sore thumb and she doesn’t want to be too casual which will do the same. Therefore, determining what to wear is not so simple.

You can be like many women and go with a simple black dress that is short and tight or you can go for something different. You can wear a nice blouse with a skirt that comes to the knees but it should be form fitting. Skirts that are full or poofy should not be worn. Skirts that are long are good as well but be sure they are narrow to your body. Anything that can fly up easily from a gust of wind or can be tripped on is not worth wearing. Plus you will fit in better with a form fitting skirt or dress.

If you choose to wear a dress, be sure that it isn’t too short. This can be real tacky. If you find you can’t sit comfortably without the worry of showing your goods to the world then do not wear it. Be sure that the neckline matches your bustline. For instance, if you have small breasts then you can wear a neckline that cuts straight across. This will make your breasts look bigger. If you have large breasts then go for a neckline that is round or comes down in a V shape. This will not draw as much attention to them even though it is rather difficult to avoid. Also be sure that the V neckline does not come down too low otherwise no one will be listening to what you have to say.

Always aim to be dressy, but not over the top when dressing for a cocktail party. After all, most of these people you will probably be meeting for the first time and you don’t want to give a bad impression or a shocking one. Remaining stylish and elegant is the best way to go.

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