Does This Make Me Look Fat? Fashion Tips for Plus Size Women

March 28, 2007 by Melanie LM  
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Women want to look good. They want fashion that flatters their figure and is stylish at the same time.

Perhaps because there has been a great increase in the number of plus size women in the world, there are more and more fashion choices for them. While plus size women had to wear drab tent dresses and stretchy, polyester pants in the years past, they now have a greater range of potential outfits.

This can be seen as both a blessing, and a curse.

Of course, plus size women should be able to wear trendy outfits, or styles of clothing that are classically beautiful. They should be able to express their individual tastes in fashionable ways other than “red” or “blue.”

But there seems to be a problem with the plus size women’s fashion industry. They seemed to have plowed straight through the appropriate fashion sense and into the absurd.

Women want to look good. They want fashion that flatters their figure and is stylish at the same time. Plus size women also want clothing items that are slimming. Here is where the confusion sets in.

Take, for example, the fashion staple of denim jeans. Every person should be able to find jeans that fit them and flatter their figure. However, plus size women should understand that they cannot wear the same type of jeans as skinny women. Low-rise jeans are not plus size friendly.

The next fashion item that is not appropriate for plus size women is the halter-top. Ever spring and summer, the clothing stores are filled with lightweight halter tops in fresh colors and patterns. Thin women tie them around their necks and let their backs be exposed to the warm breezes. Plus size women should stay away from open-backed tops. While you may look delightful from the front, out of sight, out of mind cannot apply to fashion choices.

The third item on the no-no list for plus size women is cropped or cut-off tops, or even those that just reach the waist. First of all, people come in all different sizes and shapes, not just width, but length as well. A shirt that reaches one woman’s hips will not cover the waist of the other. Plus size women are especially prone to this, as their bosoms take up some of the length of the shirt. No matter how stylish your t-shirt is, you still do not look good with rolls of fat hanging out over the waistband of your pants.

Plus size women have made great progress in the fashion industry. There are now more choices than ever when it comes to plus size clothing. Care should be exercised, however, to not let this newfound freedom go to their heads. Some fashions are just not meant to be worn by a plus size woman.

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28 Responses to “Does This Make Me Look Fat? Fashion Tips for Plus Size Women”
  1. Mark Gordon Brown Says:

    There are lots of clothes that larger sized women simply should NOT wear…
    Low rider pants are one of them.

  2. sam Says:

    I disagree, being a bigger woman myself i know that aslong as i get jeans that fit its fine!! aslong as its not bulging out everywhere, longer tops, loose jeans, and can i just add, bigger girls can wear what the hell they like just need to realize how to wear it, halternecks are fine aslong as it fits!!! i have so many comments about a black and red silk halterneck dress people love it, but it fits me so of course it looks ok. you have no idea what your on about

  3. Kirsty Says:

    You go girl! It is hard enough being made to feel paranoid about your size and weight without people, who don’t know a great deal about fashion ie MArk Gordon Brown, commenting on what to wear and what not to wear. People should be able to wear what they want when they want as long as they feel good themselves. So all you judge mental people out here just because you have problems don’t pick on other people to make yourselves feel better. At the end of the day a person can lose weight but why should they if they are comfortable and happy with there body.

  4. Cherry Says:

    I agree with Sam and Kristy if you feel like you look good, BY GOD YOU DO, I am not a bigger woman but I used to be and I can tell you even when i was 250 lbs I looked better than most. If you feel great, you look great! I was a plus size model and now I am a normal model, there is no way that you can tell me that I am ugly and there is no way that you can tell me that just because someone else is fat that they are ugly, it all comes from within and if you are a great person on the inside, you are a great person on the outside> so in short SAM AND KRISTY RULE and Mark GO TO HELL when was the last time you were a fashion guru? OH WAIT YOU ARE NOT

  5. lauren 14years :) Says:

    i agree with you women :) , mark sounds a tit , im fat and proud , i wear jeans, halter neck tops nys clothes that skinny people wear too, saying all plus size women are ugly is like saying water isnt wet, im not the prettest of the bunch but theres worse out there, pluss, most men dont like realy skinny girls, they like something to grab a hold of :)

  6. Carol Says:

    I suppose if your weight is not in your belly that plus size low rise jeans are just fine. If your weight is in your belly as it is with a large number of women, low rise jeans are a nightmare. There seems to be a trend towards low rise jeans to the point that Lane Bryant now only carries what they are calling “natural waist” jeans. These are nothing more than jeans that are made with a back that is at normal waist length and a front with a shorter length. The zipper is a good two inches shorter than it is with my normal jeans. My waist is not at my belly button as the sales woman tried to tell me. The waist on these pants actually comes to my belly button or even just below. What happens to them when I wear them is not pretty. As they stretch out during the day they actually roll down my belly!!!! If I wear a pair tight enough not to do this then I am hanging out all over !!! At the end of the day I can take these jeans off with out even undoing them. I don’t mind them being available for women that can wear this style. What I do object to is that some stores are now carrying ONLY this style. Even online it is getting harder and harder to buy normal waist jeans.

  7. Marie Says:

    This is absolutely insulting. I am not a plus size woman, more around an 11/12 but I cannot believe the way this is worded. Plus size women are beautiful too. I just had a baby and am already self-conscious about the way I look and then there are these rude articles posted. Maybe people shouldn’t be so shallow?

  8. Sue Says:

    You are honestly shallow, you act like people that are not just made of bones, are some kind of aliens. i wear 15 size pants, yes, but im not ashamed, we are all people, and size means NOTHING!. i personally like, having some junk in my truck.
    and for you to have the nerve to come on here, and act like we dont have a right to wear, certain clotheing?, that is riduclous, but remember, that your crazy thoughts, will come back, but in karma. so while you are judging us, you are going to end up weighing what we do. And there is NOTHING wrong with that.

  9. Sarah Says:

    I can agree with a lot of what has been posted. I am large myself and I know there are some styles such as the backless top mentioned that should not be attempeted, I just wish sometimes that other realised this. I find that even though there is a larger range of plus sized clothing available they only cater to one shape. I have a 58″ bust and hips but a 46″ waist. It’s almost impossible to find flattering and stylish clothes on the high street.

  10. pismoprincess44 Says:

    Being 6′1 and weighing around 230, i find it hard to not only find, bigger tops and bottoms, but pants that fit in the length[36" inseam, can really kill ya!]I wear a size 40DDD, which makes it even harder to find tops that fit! America is growing bigger, thus the clothing companies need to compete by offering size 14+. Being that the average american women is a size 16!, i dont see why it is so hard to still find attractive, reasonably priced plus size clothing!

  11. chrys Says:

    Since when is a 12 a Plus Size?? I agree, it is insulting for a normal size woman to be made to feel that she is too big, or a plus. You don’t call size 1 or 2s less than women do ya? No wonder we have a problem with body image in this country.

  12. Rachel Says:

    um im 16 yrs old an i wear a size 15 or 16 depending on the jeans type but i kinda agree with mark and the ladys cause yes we are girls an we can wear whatever the hell we want!!! But!their are stuff that just dont look good on us no matter what we try to do. for example i cant look good in any halter-top u put be in but i think what may go for the tops are a different story for jeans. I think a girl can wear any type of jeans she want an look good in them (not talking about skinny jean i think u hav to hav the right body type for that). Im just saying that u should go with your guts an if u dont think this top or jeans not going to look good on you dont buy them but if you do then what the heck buy if u want!.

    love rachel^^

  13. Janay Says:

    I am 21 years old… sized and gorgeous!! (Im a 36 I and I believe I wear anything from between 15 and 18 depending on the style and cut of the clothing) I turn heads everywhere I go and I’m almost always one of the prettiest in any room I’m in…(honestly)…For Halloween I wore a backless vest (if you can call it that) with skin tight checkered royal blue leggings….something that big girls arent ’supposed’ to do….but I looked GREAT and everyone said so….I wear what I want….as long as I look good in it, why does it matter WHAT I wear?? Im still BEAUTIFUL!!!

  14. Carlita Says:

    Wow this is so funny . I 2 am a plus size girl and i love it. I love having the breast the butt and everything else. Some ppl can just be rude but they just cuz they can’t hold their heads up because they haven’t had enough food. There are more bigger things to worry about then someone else body. Lady let me tell you this there are men out there who love a plus size woman my man tall big and handsome he 6′2 &295 and i love every bit of him and he loves every bit of me. I have great style and i know i look great. some ppl are meant to be a big person so y try to change it for someone else that’s dumb.

  15. Lisa Says:

    As a plus size woman I agree with the article. The writer is not saying that plus size women are ugly, just that there are some things that are unflattering to a plus size woman. Just as there are unflattering things for thin people to wear also. It’s all about dressing to suit your figure. Not all plus size women can pull of halter tops, but some can. Not all thin women look good in certain clothing also. I hate seeing larger women walking down the street showing off bellies and too much boobs. Sure you may feel confident and comfortable but trust me, you feeling comfortable is not all that matters! Looking good is possible for us plus size women but we have to be careful what we choose for our figures. It’s simple as that.

  16. Lynzie Dain. Says:

    listen here mark! I am a 14 year old girl, and i look older then i am, And do you know what? I am “plus-sized” and i don’t really care. And for you to sit here and think its OK to talk about us like that is very offending. I agree with everyone woman on here 100%.You have no idea what you are talking about. Honestly, why don’t you take a step in our shoes before you judge. And don’t get me wrong but seriously? You are probably just jealous because we don’t care what you think, and hey at least we can look good being our weight, then being bony. Like i said, im 14 and i rather be “fat” then skinny, because all skinny is, is bones. And its gross. And you might think im just a kid, but really im a person, and we all have feeling so why don’t you shove it. and actually get to know a couple “plus size” girls before you harp on us.!!!! :/

  17. Rebecca Keesing Says:

    This is an hilarious article. I constantly find it amusing that fat females are given so many rules to follow. If the misogynists had their way ,fat women would be made to stay indoors.
    I say people should be who they want to be and wear what they want to wear. There are enough rules in this world without restricting people due to something as unimportant as bodysize.

  18. Eva Says:

    Usually people tell me oh you\’re not \”that fat.\” Hello?! What\’s that supposed to mean? I\’m chubby and you can\’t tell me the truth or something? Just tell me if I\’m fat or chubby, just tell me the truth. Like, let\’s say I\’m going to a prom, right?! I go there in a tight dress, no sleeves, really short, and fat. People didn\’t tell me the truth ahead of time, so I go there and find out I\’m not that good looking in a dress like that and then people would probably laugh or something. Plus-sized or not we should know whether we are or not because some people don\’t know they\’re plus-sized. But people are beautiful, so don\’t make fun of people, try to be nice k?

  19. C.J. Says:

    Wow. Things have realy changed. When I was growing up (I will soon be 38) plus size girls and women were made to feel like hell, like they were the ugliest, dumbest people on earth. I was a plus sized kid/teenager and I can remember being teased constantly at school, in public, and yes even at home. I wanted to crawl under my bed and never come out. I lost a lot weight in my early twenties and wow what a difference, it was Iike I turned into the most beautiful woman overnight,except I always knew I was beautiful regardless of my size. I cannot tell all of you how proud I am to read about how good plus size women/girls now feel about themselves. This is a change for the better. Slim doesn’t always equal pretty and fat definitely does not equal ugly. I don’t care what anybody says about the American waistline, I’m glad bigger women now know they are sexy and feel good about themselves. Now that is real, legitimate progress!

  20. Jessi Says:

    These aren’t even “tips”. They are just opinions of a woman who is “self-taught” and “self-employed”. Ladies, I wouldn’t even worry about this uneducated woman’s opinion.

  21. Jessica Says:

    This is an opinion, not tips. Wow I can tell she really is self-taught. Her writing is so unprofessional, and she speaks about plus size women as if they’re a plague rather than a person. I bet she’s one of those anorexic women with a distorted body image.

  22. Ms. Thang Says:

    Who in the hell wrote this article? It sounds so insulting. I see everything that the author says not to wear but where the hell are the tips???? You (the author) sound like you have something against plus size women…especially the comment about the rolls hanging out. That was inappropriate. You didn’t not give not one tip as to how to look trimmer or anything. You suck and do not need to write anymore articles. Oh yeah and I’m a 14 and I don’t have any rolls. I am solid and appear as though I am a 10. Get your damn facts straight, just because you are considered “plus size” does not mean you can’t wear a halter top. I do and I dont have rolls. So what of that? Dummy!

  23. Rebecca Keesing Says:

    It\’s clear the author of this article is a complete twat.

    No doubt keeps a food diary full of neurotic scribblings and punches herself in the side of the head if she eats a chocolate bar.

  24. Francie Says:

    Melanie Martin! In this day and age, don’t you know that it is inappropriate to belittle someone? Oh, wait, I forgot…it’s still “okay” to make fun of fat women. Fat women are somehow threatening to you, huh? Well, don’t worry missy. One day you might find yourself with a gloriously fuller figure like we in these comments do, and what will become of you? Those of us who love ourselves (and the men in our lives who adore and worship our bodies) will continue living happy lives while you torture yourself for the sake of “being thin and in”.

    Good grief, just let people be who they are! We’re not trying to change YOU, for goodness sake!

  25. rogue Says:

    Mark sounds like a douchebag.

  26. Jill Says:

    I have been wearing pluse size since i was 13. And I want to look better in what i wear. But this is insulting I wanted tips to look better not someone I dont even know telling me what I will look bad in!

  27. Kaii Says:

    I read, what, 1 line of this, and realized I was wasting my time. I then read on, and realized alot of people commenting are right. This is probably some skinny person who wants to make themselves feel better, rather than someone who really cares about making people feel good about themselves.
    And WHAT A LOAD OF BULL. More fashionable clothes for larger people?! Um, okay. I am 16 years old, and I wear size 16 (uk) clothes. I am, according to the system, overweight. But pfft. Whatever. I am me. And I go to shops that sell the clothes that I like and that I would LIKE to wear. That are fashionable. BUT> A size LARGE, is now a size 12! or a 14 if you’re lucky! Which is another load of bull! Because when a size 12 person turns sideways, they disappear, they’re that small. This is bullcrap. Guys, girls, whatever, dont waste your time reading this. You’ll feel worse.
    Mika’s right. Big girls, you ARE beautiful. Wear what you want and don’t care about others opinions :3

  28. Elizabeth Faure Says:

    I find this person, EXTREMELY, insufferably unaware of her surroundings. I am a fifteen year old girl, and I wear a size 12-14 depending on whether or not it is stretch. NOW, I don’t care what you say, that some overweight women should not wear skinny women clothing. In my opinion, women’s clothing is women’s clothing! Just make it different sizes! There is no racial hate in what I’m about to sayat all, but in my little town, some of the bigger women hide themselves. I’m white, and I look up to majority of the black bigger women in my town! They don’t care how big they are, they will put in their nice silk tops, their dark wash skinny jeans, their gladiator sandals, their wonderful jewelry, and walk around like it’s nobody’s business, because in reality, it isn’t!! Women, are beautiful, inside and out. No matter what size. I’m 165 pounds, I’m fifteen, I’m 5′3, and I told the guy I like, to his face that I liked him. Not only is he one of my best friends, but he is also pretty skinny. We have now been dating for three months, and he tells me I am beautiful every time he sees me. He has more understanding than this insufferably idiotic balemic girl!

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