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August 1, 2010 by Oksana Lisobik  
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Stockings – one of the sexiest things a female dressing room, so do not give up stocking just because you do not umetet their right to choose. It is better to use the advice of stylists, with which you can always decorate your feet and submit them to the most favorable light.

Today we’ll show you how to choose and wear stockings. The first topic: how to choose the right socks, what to look for when choosing stockings. Second: how to wear socks, stockings, and how to combine clothing, what the rules of wearing stockings must be kept to look stylish.

• Very important: choosing socks, look for its size, picks up her stockings to size up. Too close stockings are a nuisance, but is constantly slipping give a lot of trouble. Remember: The stockings should be not only beautiful, but comfortable.

• Rule Two – combines the color of stockings with color shoes. The most versatile option – transparent stockings, which not only can be worn with shoes of any color, but which also have the effect of smooth legs. By the way, with open shoes only transparent stockings can be worn. Black Stockings – the classic version, which is appropriate for different kinds of “conservative” events. At a party can choose glamorous stockings with sequins and intricate patterns. Note: mauvais ton is wearing dark stockings with light shoes.

Another well-known prohibition of color – stockings darker than the clothes. Wear socks to one tone lighter or with a skirt or dress. In general, classic of the genre in stockings – cream or flesh-colored stockings, they are always out of place. Dark stockings are possible only with a dark (black) clothes.

• Comprehensive foot also plays a role. For full legs are not recommended mesh or fishnet stockings options, in this case it is better to choose either option without a pattern, or strict geometry of the height stocking.

• Stockings – an accessory, this special feeling, and even a small hole or stretching can spoil long nastronie. So it makes sense to choose the best quality socks, despite their high cost. This “spending,” necessarily pay for itself – your socks will serve you a long time.
If you want to permanently retain its presentation chulochek not wear them under boots: “lightning” have the habit to leave on stockings clues.

• When going to an event, think that you better put – pantyhose or stockings. For fitting mini dresses or tights may be a more reasonable choice. If you want to wear stockings, remember: with dresses and skirts, knee-length are well combined dense opaque tights, but wear their clothes with a length below the knee risky – they “steal” the length of the legs, so in this case also give preference to a transparent stockings.

• And the most important rule for wearing socks – no one should know exactly chtovy in stockings. No zone for stocking, if it exists, nor dense region should not appear through clothing, so close, tight clothing, along with the stockings are not recommended. And so nothing more to be seen from the clothes, it’s not the style, and vulgarity. Often, this item suddenly appears when you sit down, so “before going” sit at home in front of a mirror, check to see whether parts stocking.

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