Steampunk Fashion is Much More Than Mere Style

February 8, 2012 by tonyleather  
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Steampunk fashions are among the most versatile styles in the world today. With just a few basics to keep in mind it is possible to create a wholly unique and flattering wardrobe.

Steampunk is a rapidly expanding sub-genre of science fiction that has enjoyed a tremendous growth of popularity in the last few years. For some followers, the genre has morphed from being more than good fiction into a way of life.

It has bled over into areas as unlikely as technology, art, music, and even fashion defying definition because it is just so many things for so many different people. Loosely based on alternative history, where technological advances in Victorian society far outpaced the reality of the time.

These amazing Steampunk fashions are among the most versatile styles in the world today. With just a few basics to keep in mind it is possible to create a wholly unique and flattering wardrobe. Best of all; it can be seamlessly incorporated into one’s existing attire to lend a fun new flair to your basic look.

Unlike: Goth, Emo, Preppy, or professional, it doesn’t automatically brand you to a pre-set stereotype. Because there are still many yet to come in contact with this new culture, no stereotypes what so ever have developed. To those who don’t know what it is, even a heavily accented style will only look, playfully eccentric.

However, to those who are very aware of the movement, your attire will serve as an instant conversation piece and common ground.  When retrofitting one’s wardrobe to represent steampunk fashion, it is important to remember a few basics.

Anything period Victorian is an excellent place to start, among the more common fashions of the time were long skirts and corsets, or vests and breeches with suspenders. Brass and wood accoutrements of ornate design are a wonderful way to accessorize.

These are surprisingly forgiving materials to work with and it is possible to create watches, jewellery and even cellular phone covers to match your garb. The most popular of steampunk fashion accessories is a set of goggles, for wearing over your eyes in place of sunglasses or just to serve as statement.

Oriented hat bands and goggles are definitely the most popular and recognizable accessories of steampunk. Earth tones were very common Victorian times, so brown and black leather belts, suspenders, or boots absolutely shout steampunk, as well as being easy to match to nearly any outfit so they can be a cost saving feature as well.

Lace on women, and even to a lesser extent on men, is another way to provide any ensemble with just the right touch. The ultimate in steampunk fashion, for both men and women trying  to announce their affiliations, could be fairly simply achieved.

A corset for the ladies will provide an air of sophistication once reserved for the aristocracy, though, unlike Victorian times, today the corsets are worn more often as outerwear in steampunk. For a gentleman, a top hat is the perfect head gear, a sure way to make one look dapper, even appearing less formal and roguish if worn at a jaunty angle with goggles resting on the brim.

Steampunk fashion is first and for most about creativity. Use your imagination, google ’steampunk’ for ideas, and above all, have fun with it. It is your own bearing that will ultimately determine whether or not it looks good. 

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