Spring Into Summer or Fall Into Winter: Fashion’s New Length is Here to Stay

August 1, 2011 by alexisnoell89  
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A quirky analysis of the maxi skirt trend, and how fashionista’s can pull of this new trend and carry it into fall.

    With each new season comes a new set of trends and mass collections by all our favorite designers, over flowing the pages of fashion magazines and spilling over runways from New York to Milan.  What trends will carry through the seasons and which ones are just fads?  How do I pull off these looks in real life, and where can I find such items at an affordable cost? Ahh, these are some of the questions each fashion connoisseur asks herself while flipping anxiously through the pages of Bazaar’s spring or fall edition, or better yet, while reviewing the designer collections on Style.com.  Well no worries here, I’ve got some advice, and no, you won’t need to break the bank on this one.

            Do you hate when the new season comes and you end up spending all your hard earned money on items that come next season will no longer be in style?  Well, I say to you, keep it all! That’s right, fashion is circular, and whatever you bought will come back in style at some point (that’s why we call it vintage).  To offset all the trendy purchases, it is always best to spend the bulk of your money on staple items that will carry you through season after season.  This brings me to the point of this article, “The New Length.”  What I am referring to, of course, is the long skirts that end just above the ankle or even longer.  That’s right, no more minis or risky, constricting dresses and skirts that leave little room for movement.  Scratch that.  I can’t say the mini length is out, but I can say to those of you who are ready for a change, here it is.  There is a risk, though.  As with any trend it can go very wrong (you know what I mean, the dreaded F word…Frumpy).  This look could easily turn into a frumpy one, so pay close attention!

            Any ankle skimming or floor-length skirt will do, in any color or pattern.  You can wear these skirts either at waist level or mid-waist.  The important essential that makes or breaks the outfit is in the top.  This look is a very minimalist and boho one, so you want a top that is slightly loose and draped, but made of a very thin in fabric to avoid looking bulky and frumpy.  Thin, cropped tanks and tees will work as well, and anything that is not cropped can be tucked in and belted.  The fun part about this look is that it’s comfortable and versatile-you can leave the shirt un-tucked and add a belt over it to give it a more boho look.  Plus, changing where you wear the skirt at your waist gives it a different look as well.  Obviously, we aren’t all lucky enough to afford the lengthy skirts and dresses seen in the Narciso Rodriguez or the Fendi collections, so the best places to scope out are trendy stores such as Forever 21, H&M, Urban Outfitters, or Topshop.  These stores do a pretty good job with keeping up with fashion’s never-ending cycle of trends.  Many of the long skirts at these stores range from 8-60 dollars each.  Thin, cropped, tanks, tees, and blouses of all kinds can be found at these stores within the same price range, (lucky for those us on a budget huh?). 

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