Some Meaningful Ways to Set Yourself Apart From The Crowd

June 28, 2012 by Sean Potgieter  
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Some people (like me), hate being the same as others. We hate dressing the same, speaking the same, eating the same etc. In a world where the cliché of “You’re special”, is fast becoming worn out; maybe it’s time to think of some meaningful ways to set yourself apart, not because you want to look down on or be better than others, but for that warm fuzzy feeling inside that you are objectively unique.

Improve your vocabulary:

Regardless of which language you consider to be your mother tongue, the majority of people tend to use the tried and trusted compact vocabulary of that language. Everyone sounds the same. Never underestimate the power of improving your supply of available words.

Learning power words and learning to use proper sentence structure in your speech are just a couple of a host of meaningful ways to improve your command of your language. It sets you apart, especially in the working world. Oh, and remember to consider your spelling abilities too.

Learn to listen:

Something to consider would be how often the average person interrupts the person speaking. The average is about 7 seconds. I have checked and it seems to be accurate. How do you then set yourself apart from the average person? By learning to listen, especially how to listen without interrupting.

Some people like to do all the talking in a conversation. If you are one of these people, then it is vital that you learn to hold back your avalanche of words until the other person has finished speaking. It helps you to actually listen to what the other person is saying, and makes you come across as different, in a good way.

Dress to impress:

Fashion is a personal choice. However, most people’s choice of fashion is largely determined by what everyone else is wearing. Instead of wearing the same type of sweater or shoes, try mixing it up into a new style that works for you. Dress as an extension of your own personality. Do not copy other people. If getting out of your routine fashion style is too daunting, try to add a small difference to your overall look (e.g. accessories).

Get up-to date on the world you live in:

This is a big one. Many people have no idea of the pertinent issues affecting their world. Knowing what’s going on helps you in various ways. It broadens your horizons and give you more things to talk about. It also has the added benefit of allowing you to identify opportunities where others see nothing.

Eat well:

Stay away from, or minimise your dependence on junk food. Junk food is for the masses. You don’t want to be the same as the masses? Then don’t eat everything that they do…simple. Eating healthily or correctly also serves to improve your health and well-being.

Don’t be selfish:

Sadly, human nature dictates that most people are focused solely on themselves. This makes you the same as everyone else who live only to satisfy their own needs and wants. Try to be a little more generous. Learn to share, not because you expect something in return, but because you share for the sake of sharing.

Set achievable and meaningful goals for yourself:

A lot of people are content with merely plodding along on life’s path. Don’t follow the crowd. Set yourself challenging, yet achievable goals. Aspire to become more, do more, and achieve more than you currently are. The other side of the coin is knowing your own limitations. Dreams are good, but unrealistic dreams will only serve to frustrate you.

Be prepared to go the extra-mile:

The fabled extra-mile is a lonely road to walk. That’s why many don’t go there. The rewards however, are great for those that can persevere and keep things in perspective. Going the extra-mile usually reaps both expected and unexpected benefits. 

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  1. Uma Shankari Says:

    This is an excellent article. I liked all the points. In an age where everything is shortened, it is heartening to see someone talk of vocabulary and the power of expression. The best point is that of listening. This is a department in which I find myself transgressing the rules most of the time. Getting updated about the world around us, going the extra mile…. really good.

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