Snapping The Future

February 10, 2011 by tonyleather  
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How a photographic mission took an unexpectedly sexy turn.

Sally Bourne was sweating freely, in the hot sun, as she waited for the next serve.  She really enjoyed these free holidays, all in the name of work, and at 32, still had a body built for sin..  This beach-volleyball game was enhanced by the knowledge that he was watching closely.  Every time she jumped for the ball, his eyes were glued to her, and she could feel her nipples stiffening.  She wanted him again, as much as he did her.


Her heart was still racing from that morning’s encounter, a session of unplanned and unadulterated sex.  Wow! She’d been strolling along the empty beach, just after dawn, and by sheer chance, he was out swimming. He’d seen her, waved and headed for shore, at the very moment that she’d cut her foot on a razor-sharp shell and yelled out in pain.


He’d hurried to her side, and all at once his mouth was on her foot, sucking at the wound, to get the dirt out. Her chance had come.  Days now, she’d been priming him, noting the swelling in his trunks every time he looked at her.  She’d offered her lips for a thank you kiss, her thigh pressing against his crotch.  He was rock-hard in seconds, and his tongue fencing with hers as she guided his impatient  hands to her breasts.. Her nipples were stiff even before his rough fingers got to work.


Eagerly freeing his throbbing manhood from the damp trunks, she knelt down, hungrily opening her full mouth to get the feel of it sliding between her lips.  When he manouvered himself to get his tongue at her sopping cleft, she felt giddy with desire.  Her clit was bursting, and she had to have him.  Pushing hard, and straddling his loins, she lowered herself onto him.


The sensations, as his hot cock speared her, were so intense, and her own movements only hieghtened the feeling.  Within seconds, he began to jerk and she felt her love-muscles tighten on his tool as they came together, his hot spunk filling her to the brim.  It had been the best sex she’d ever known, but it couldn’t change anything.     


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