Shoes That Women Wear

August 29, 2013 by Mai Ahmed Elsayed  
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We should be aware that the shoes a female wears most of the time reflect her personality. This is a short note explaining how in simple words.

Human language starts with a shoe and radiates upon the whole body. There is an element of power and sexuality that the shoes provide for a woman that she gets empowered and believes in her existence. With every step of a female’s high heel echoing leaves a sign of her importance and presence. It is more about empowerment and authorization that it gives a girl. The girl has a significantly added height; raised buttocks and smaller-looking feet. This means not only her Posture is improved but she is at eye level and equal to her male colleagues in the office.

There is only a group of females that are interested in heels. This group is represented to be again split into two categories. One is the extremely feminine woman who accepts the fact that high heels makes her leg look more seductive and curvaceous. Another is the quiet dominant masculine personalities that wear heels to give visual physical impression like being successful and confident.

Women who do not wear heals gives the impression that they are more down to earth but again lower heels can give different impressions depending on the style of shoe worn. For example flats suggest they are more of business and less of pleasure while kitten heels are more of a creative, playful personality.

Finally we might not be consciously aware of these messages that heels send across we still tend to choose the fashion we like according to our personalities unconsciously. We state our personalities by the type of shoes we wear.

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