Saving Tip Shoe Collection

August 1, 2013 by Lewis Hiller  
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Saving Tip Shoe Collection.

Has a shoe collection? Do not let your collection it is easily damaged, and the smell of mushrooms grown dangerous, simply because of the way storage is wrong. Here are some tips to keep your shoe collection.

Are often used for shoes, shoe store on the open shelves, as prone damp with sweat and dirt. By saving in an open rack, turn the air more leverage to reduce moisture. If you are a closed shoe rack, shoe winds that wears out first before saving.

For shoes that are rarely used, keep it in a shoe box. Do not forget to put silica gel or camphor in a shoe box in order to secure moisture and mildew free. Make sure the shoes dry and clean before it goes into the box. Shoes that do not dry and flaky dapatmenyebabkan leather shoes cracked.

Shoes that have been worn and stored for a long time usually will undergo changes in shape that can make your feet uncomfortable when wearing them. Use a buffer to shoes or shoe tree to maintain shoe shape. Shoe tree made ​​of wood can absorb moisture as well as shoes. If you do not have a shoe tree, you can replace it with crumpled newspaper or paper.

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