Reform Clothing at Hand Dian Pelangi

November 2, 2013 by xl123mania  
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Reform Clothing At Hand Dian Pelangi.

Ambition Jakarta Fashion Week fashion week to be the largest in Southeast Asia may be starting to organize more strategic business Moslem movement maneuver carefully . In the visible , this is a business that has proven to be most of the global volume of international buyers to bring along. Viewed from a national scale , convection Moslem who choose to produce superior quantity of exports .
Then , the moment of what could be more appropriate than utilizing JFW that Jakarta is listed in the map trade center recognized Moslem world ? Forget the grandiose ambitions become Muslim fashion mecca . In addition there is the issue of sharia that made ​​circles demanding some specific design , fashion catwalk Muslims in Jakarta is still stagnant phase -shaped costume fashion show . In fact , in the era that is now all wear the helpless appreciated .

As a new designer who skyrocketed thanks to his debut at JFW , Dian Pelangi is one of the Muslim fashion designer fast fashion lovers perched on the radar . Dian managed to steal the hearts of the audience through the fashion style muslim clothing that is light, follow the trend and youthful . For his latest collection at JFW ago , Dian Wahyu Utami , chose the theme ‘ pop batik ‘ by using bright colors striped feminine design . Creatively , he crashed motif with blocks of color , then mixed into contemporary look through stacks techniques . Dian Pelangi for the success or failure once again stole the hearts of fashionistas Indonesia,

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