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September 12, 2010 by Conviron Pucate Altatis  
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Note from Conviron Altatis: This is fiction.

I wasn’t born pretty. But I look pretty now not because of plastic surgery but because of fashion and cosmetics.

My passion for fashion and cosmetics started when in kindergarten. I unintentionally saw my teacher putting on makeup in the bathroom. Eventually, I grew up experimenting with lipstick, mascara, and foundation. Moreover, I would adorn my school uniform with flamboyant jewelry. One time, I heard someone say, “Don’t you know Heather? That weird girl who loves to criticize our fashion?”   

If they were not working, my outdoorsy parents were out camping. We happened to have a sewing machine at home. After school, I would go home early and design clothes. It was easy for me to distinguish what is trendy and what is not. Next thing you know, I came up with various garments for me and my parents. It was the best day of my life when my parents said that I obviously had an unprecedented knack in fashion. It makes me smile every time I remember that day. I was so flattered that I cried for hours until I threw up.  

Both of my parents work in the Ivy League enjoying promotions from time to time. I have always lived a decent life. With my parents’ astronomical salary, I was never deprived of material things including my trivial wishes. As the only child, I easily convince my parents. It is probably a good thing that my parents are professors. They easily raised me even without a nanny.

After studying fashion and cosmetics in Paris, I went back to my country to put up Heather Boutique. I championed campaigns against plastic surgery. Many plastic surgeons hate me. It makes me happy because that means my campaign is successful. Heather Boutique easily became famous and I had to branch out. Now, my staff is preparing to branch out internationally. 

I am grateful that I have a perfect family that helped me fulfill my dreams to become a fashion and cosmetics connoisseur. However, I confess that I’m not perfectly happy. I’m 30 now and I never had a boyfriend.

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