Out with The Old, in with The New

March 13, 2013 by Marita Moloney  
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A look at some trends, apparel and accessories that are hot for spring, and others that are positively cooling down.

With the college term winding up, the opportunity for an end of year theme presents itself. As regards fashion, this allows us to contemplate the trends, styles, apparel and accessories which we will be wearing in the forthcoming months, and also which we will be banishing to the back of our wardrobes.

  The arrival of Spring encourages us to cleanse and analyse our sartorial outlook, and in the process allows us to redefine the key pieces we will be brandishing for the season, as well as those items which will remain unworn (in some cases, thankfully) until the fashion world deems them in vogue again. In an industry where reinvention is pivotal, this essential need for transformation and a sense of newness is passed to the masses, and so it is unsurprising that we naturally diversify our looks.

Therefore, I have compiled a list containing what I, in my humble opinion, as well as many of the renowned fashion elite, believe will be intrinsic elements of our style aesthetic and other which must vanquish their roles as fashion main-players.

In with the new.

90’s style

Often we must examine the past to look towards the future, and the nostalgic grunge of this defining era exemplifies that. 2012 marked the comeback of the decade and in turn the resurgence of the quintessential looks of the time, with no signs of this trend loosing pace in 2013. Rihanna’s recent collection for high street fashion giant River Island presented a deluge of throwbacks to the time, with sweaters attached to skirts, cropped tops and an assortment of denim featuring strongly. These items in particular, amongst others such as (dare I say it) dungarees, backpacks, all things acid washed and cartoon printed, are imminently prevalent pieces. There is also no denying the moment in the spotlight that the simple jumpsuit is having this year, transcending its modest roots from the early 1900s as a garment cut from one piece of canvas to become a closet essential with its no-fuss, contemporary feel.


Not only a practical and indispensable accessory for everyone’s closet no matter the climate, a hat can add accompanying oomph to any outfit, while in turn protecting you from the elements. It is evident from magazines, stores and style aficionados that any fashion savvy devotee worth their salt will be donning some headgear before long. The stratospheric rise of designers’ model of choice, the inimitable Cara Delevingne, has resulted in a monumental return to the fore of the beanie hat. Guaranteed to be the accessory of choice this year, this versatile and edgy addition injects a distinctive sense of cool to any outfit. Helmut-style and baseball caps were also making their presence felt on the catwalks this season, but a word of warning, as these daring styles are not for the faint hearted fashion maven. Worth mentioning are the more classic and demure fedora, trilby and bowler hats. No less charismatic than their on trend counterparts, these are perpetually stylish adornments that rarely fail to make an impact.

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