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September 28, 2013 by danielaf  
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The importance of New York City’s Fashion Week to the Business of fashion is higher than you can think.

One could think that this event have any importance to anything and anyone. Well, it is definitely not true.The New York City’s Fashion Week take place twice a year and contributes more revenue to the city than any other event in that area, such as concerts, football games and the like. All the businesses during the fashion weeks are in full swings, restaurants, hotels, taxi cabs.The Big Apple is always crowded of tourists, bloggers, photographers, stars and alike during events like this. Everyone looks around in search of breathless outfits to imitate.

Fashion Week is used by designers as a platform as well. Since the runway has become more accessible to the customer. In fact, through media and Internet people can reach the shows easily. This strategy is working successfully.

Furthermore, another stuff that characterize Fashion Weeks is the use of unwearable outfits! Anyway, both retailers and single costumers are persuaded to buy the brand. People who attend the runways attach a lot of importance in looking good, so they are not scared of how much they spend for their wardrobes.

All in all, NYC’s Fashion Week is one of the most important events for which all the fashion lovers of the world are waiting, including Milan, London and Paris Fashion Weeks.

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