No Look, No Work

November 8, 2011 by cantika  
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"The holding of power that will give you", "style to be taken seriously at work", "The good wardrobe for getting hired," "Work: to convince the look and appeal."

No look, no work

“The holding of power that will give you”, “style to be taken seriously at work”, “The good wardrobe for getting hired,” “Work: to convince the look and appeal.”

“With this bag you will be popular,” “Do not wear these shorts, you think that you not take your job seriously,” “These derbies? They want to say that not love your work”, “With this skirt leather, you’ll never friends. “

BREATHE. Clothes do not speak, I swear on the head of my dressing room.

After a press review of women’s time to try to find inspiration, I realized that the subject “Look + work: do not forget that you are creatures who can not convince with their booty” returned very often.

The conclusion is simple: if you have good performance, you will be hired, valued, taken seriously increased, and jackpot, if you assume the heels of 12, you’ll even find a guy in the office.

It’s true what we girls, too often we fall into bad taste and vulgarity or the boring and the mat. So, we need advice and castrating unpleasant to get back on track: not too short your skirt eh, not too low-cut your shirt, not your pants too tight, it’s bad form. On the other hand put heels, forced, it’s heels woman of power, but put no shoes, it’s neglected grave. And make-up yourself, it will help to support the look, the scent is history we remember you, but watch out the missteps of death that can totally kill your career: never associates and red nails red lipstick, you imagine what people might think?

BREATHE (even if the people themselves, they speak).

Thank you fashion editors. However, it must be said, is the month of November and nothing happens. There is neither hot nor cold, it rains, the leaves fall, Fashion Week is over, the next is far, it has already announced the trends in winter and are just waiting to start topics of Christmas. Depression.

While I love being in bad faith – it’s like a sport, a drug – it must be admitted: for girls we say that kind of stuff. “Put not like it, it’s pouf”, “Put it, you will have the direct job” …

So anyway, thank you for the ideas, we will not spit in the soup, it’s cool to know that with a purple bag we’ll have more friends and colleagues with high-waisted trousers bottle green, it will be taken seriously by our chef. But please do not tell us we need to look for an existing office, it’s horrible. Have you ever seen a man be told that without a tie, it will never become leader?

Joking aside, I have only one advice: even if you like the clothes presented, do not take the same pose as the models who wear them in your magazines. Because to be leaning on a pile of folders with the back arched and rounded buttocks so that even the Beyoncé booty go unnoticed side, it’s not good form, it’s not the chick who is willing to work hard for a promotion . At best, it’s the naive one chick who follows the advice of his favorite magazine to the letter (but would need your co-workers do not have an ounce of gossip in them to say such a thing, and true, it n ‘ever happens). At worst, it’s the girl who openly admits that without shame and without heels of 12, her skirt too short and the camber of death to the photocopier, it will not happen where it wants. And then, well, I know what to say, and it happens very often.

Finally, we will not lie, the look is important. The brain, much more. BREATHE.

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