My Mediocre Sewing Journey: A Tudor Garb Project Part Two

March 29, 2011 by DevientSyn  
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Part Two, of my sewing journey.

PINNING: Okay so I got to the pinning portion where after I’ve carefully laid out all my pieces so that they fit with hours of grunting and frustration…My norther come sin and turns on the ceiling fan while I’m eating dinner. Unbeknown to me my pattern pieces have now been scatters to the for winds since the only space big enough is the living room….and they are now something for my cats to lay on. Thanks guys! *grumbles*

Anyway! After another long hour of rearranging them back, I can no longer find the correct formation to make them all fit since a part of the hoop skirt will cut off the very corner of the bottom of the side panel for the skirt. Okay, so I pin them to the fabric with my trusty large sewing measuring/cutting mat underneath it so I don’t get those stray carpet fibers stuck in the pin while I’m pinning. It’s also handy for keeping the fabric flat on bumpy surfaces.

Now that it was pinned and lain out I could start cutting.

CUTTING: Remember to mark dots and triangles they’re matching details and often are quite important! You can use sewing tracing paper and wheel, a washable color pencil for fabric, or you can make small cuts for the triangles on the edges of the pattern for the fabric. I wouldn’t recommend doing that to the circles unless they’re used for grommets later.

Okay so now all my pattern pieces are cut out for the SHIFT, the HOOP SKIRT, and the BUM ROLL. I have yet to pin or cut out the pattern for the corset since my fabric choice is a woven Pique of cotton and unravels and frays easily. I have a bottle of this liquid that makes the edges of fabric solid and stops it from fraying and weaving that also washes out in the washer. But I’d rather get this stuff done first before I do the corset since it still needs boning and a busk for the front. It’ll be something I need to actually fit myself with before I even cut into the fabric. It will be wayyy more complex than a shift or hoop skirt, and definitely harder than making a bum roll.
And I have to get the shift done first since the corset will go over it then the hoop skirt and then the bum roll.

Liked it
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  1. Milton H Peebles III Says:

    Waiting for pictures
    Take Care, DreamSweet and Let Your Heart Shine
    ~ milty

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