My Mediocre Sewing Journey: A Tudor Garb Project Part Three

March 29, 2011 by DevientSyn  
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Part Three, of my sewing project.

PINNING: (CONT) Okay now that I’ve pinned the sides to the front and back on the shift I can clearly see that size 24 is Waayyyyy too big for me, so to shrink the front and back down a little in the middle, I am planning on making small pleats to the neckline which will then be covered by the lace and bead work that I will put to decorate the neckline. And since I’m not much into chowing off my cleavage, I will have to shorten the shoulder’s on it a bit so that the edge of my shift will be seen just above the neckline of the corset and the dress, instead of my cleavage. Most would take the risky bosom showing but I’m not like that, I like the beautiful but modest route. Not the historical tramp that come bouncing up to you wandering if you’d like some more ale. Joking.

I’m going to pin everything together before I start to sew the hems so I can try it on and pin it to where it needs to be. Then I’ll sew it together and get the sleeves on it. After that I’ll have to hem it properly on the bottom and sew the pear and lace boarder around the wrists and neckline. Then I’ll have a lovely Shift!!

SEWING: Okay, Today I started to sew the side seems on the shift. The three on the side and I went ahead and attached the shoulder straps together. So basically I have the makings of a shift body. I then pin the sleeves together and sew the seams for each sleeve. Made a Narrow Hem on the wrist of the sleeves and sewn it in place. Then added the lace and pearl accents to it wrong side out. For each sleeve I have to pin it right side to the wrong side of the sleeve so when I turn the sleeve inside out it will be the right side each. The sleeves will look like you’re sewing the hem for a sleeveless gown since they will be on the inside of the gown. Once done sewing that seam turn the sleeve inside out to the right side and see the neat seam at the shoulder of the gown.  Personally I made the shift too big and had to pleat..badly. I’m not too good at doing pleats.  After that I attached the collar front and back to each other and pinning it to the neckline of the shift. Sewed it together at the designated dotted line, and fold it over and pressed it with an iron on Linen without steam. I then hemmed the collar portion and attached the pearl decoration that’s on the sleeves. The bottom hem was done with a Narrow hem. The type of them that is folded over itself. It looks really nice. OH and NEVER sew your accents on with a sewing machine, take the time to use a threat and needle yourself. I already broke a machine needle on a pin that was keeping the lace on the fabric. It hit the pin and drove it into the machine and bent/broke the needle on the machine. I’m safe and unharmed, but I had to change the machine needle. LOL Live and Learn. Either way, the shift is now done and perfect, in my opinion.

Liked it
4 Responses to “My Mediocre Sewing Journey: A Tudor Garb Project Part Three”
  1. Milton H Peebles III Says:

    What next?
    Take Care, DreamSweet and Let Your Heart Shine
    ~ milty

  2. Palestrya Says:

    Nicely done! Take a deep breath and relax. You are doing fine!

  3. sanataryal Says:

    Well written.Have a great time.

  4. DevientSyn Says:

    Thank you all for such nice comments!!! <3

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