My Mediocre Sewing Journey: A Tudor Garb Project Part One

March 29, 2011 by DevientSyn  
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Part One, of my Sewing Project of Simplicity Patterns 2621 and 2589.

<++) My Mediocre Sewing Journey: A Tudor Garb Project (++>


I post this here for all to see my wonderful and often infuriating journey to becoming a Late Tudor/Early Elizabethan Lady.


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PATTERNS: Now I’ll be making Simplicity patterns 2621 and 2589 with some changes and modifications to the dress and corset. I have all my fabrics and threads, I just need to get my boning for the corset and hoop skirt. So for right now I’m focusing on Simplicity 2621, the undergarments. Now through some research I’ve discovered that these are more Elizabethan than Tudor and something just simple wouldn’t have been done until later or earlier than this dress is supposed to go for, but that’s why I’m modifying it.

STARTING OFF EASY: First I will be working on the SHIFT, or the under gown that will be the first thing I will put on when getting dressed in this garb. (Garb means clothing, by the way.) I have already cut out the pattern, a hefty size 24….due to my odd measurements since I have a short torso and a big butt and chest. I had to choose this size since I have discovered I suck at crossing pattern size lines. I’ve messed up several patterns and heaps of fabric doing this.

FABRIC: So, for the fabric I chose a breathable cotton Muslin, which was rather inexpensive since it came from a bed sheet that isn’t used much due to some color leakage from it being accidentally mixed with a load of colors in the washer. It’s white with faded magenta to light hot pink spots everywhere. Like a sort of worn pathetic excuse for a tie-dye sheet. This Muslin type is rather closely knitted/woven together in a thick soft sheet. Which means it’s probably got a high threat count. BTW I know it’s Muslin since on the hem it says MUSLIN 100% COTTON. The fabric is wonderful, in excellent condition, and we already know it’s been pre-shrunken due to it being washed so many times. It is an in-expensive choice to use old bed sheets, especially for undergarments that won’t be seen by others, as your choice for fabric. Make sure your parents say it’s okay before you go cutting up their good linens! Learned that the hard way when I was Eight….*shudders*

PROCEDURE: I started off taking the hem around the bed sheet off, mind you this is not the fitted sheet it is merely the loose one in between the comforter and the fitted sheet. Now i thought I would only get an inch or two from unfolding the pressed hem at the top and bottom of the sheet, but to my surprise I got nearly four inches out of that hem! But without my trusty iron working correctly, I couldn’t flatten the hem out. Which you should always do.

TIP: Make sure you always iron both you paper pattern (on a low setting) and your fabric (after you’ve pre-shrunken it in the washer and dryer, then use a higher setting that corresponds with what fabric you’re ironing). This will help you to get straight lines on your patterns and the correct cuts on your fabric. You should also ALWAYS outline the pattern line you will be using on the cloth. After you pin it, mark around it with a washable color pencil that you can get at any fabric or crafts store. Also make sure you pin all your pieces out on the fabric according to the directions on the pattern BEFORE YOU START CUTTING THE FABRIC OUT!!

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3 Responses to “My Mediocre Sewing Journey: A Tudor Garb Project Part One”
  1. Milton H Peebles III Says:

    I will let you do the sewing
    Take care, DreamSweet and Let Your Heart Shine
    ~ milty

  2. Angelgirlpj Says:

    Looks to complicated for my simple mind.

  3. Palestrya Says:

    You are doing a great job! Keep it up. HUGS

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