Mizwan Fashion Show 2011 (Series 1/5)

January 30, 2011 by Sandeep Sunny Jasrotia  
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Here is some of the pics of the Mizwan Fashion Show.



  The Bollywood is a Big  and Busy Industry.No Doubt,the stars are also very Big and Busy.They can hardly get time for their own life.But when there is a ask for the Humanity then all are ready to do some help,to provide some support to the needy.This time also they all came together for a noble cause.

Now these stars came forward for the charity show which is  Shabana Azmi’s Charity organisation.This organisation was founded by Shabana Azmi’s father Kaifi Azmi.


The dresses are Designed by the Famous Bollywood Dress Designer Manish Malhotra.

The name of stars…its a long list.Lets have a look,

                             Starts with her son,Fauna Akhtar…………


                                                        Farhan looks nice in combo of black and red.

                                                 Mizwan Fashion Show

  Kunal kapoor is well known actor in the bollywood.

  He made is debut in the movie Minaxi:A Tale of Three Cities.He became a big star when he played a   muslim boy’s role in Ranger De Basanti’.

   Kunal Kapoor posed in a beautiful ensemble with floral printed kurta with a long jacket.There is a zari work which is really awesome on the button line.

Bollywood Celebs at Shabana Azmi's Mizwan Show


                                Sameera Reddy looks georgeous in a Black Double Bordered Anarkali with designs at the                                       yoke and sleeves.

                                              Mizwan Fashion Show

    Pratiek Babbar in an ensemble with the embroidery on the button.There is a strip vying also to get the attention.


 Neha Dhupia in an astral blue lehenga.There is a large designs with red and golden border.Look at the choli.its strapless!!!!! looking sexy.

     Jewellary is not much impressive.

                                                  Mizwan Fashion Show

                                               Producer-Director  Karah Johar walks in his own style.



Mizwan Fashion Show (1/5)

Mizwan Fashion Show (2/5)

Mizwan Fashion Show (3/5)

Mizwan Fashion Show (4/5)

Mizwan Fashion Show (5/5)

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