Memorable Attractions in Cambodia from Heineken Dropped

September 30, 2013 by Emily hall  
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Ever since Angelina Jolie played Lara Croft in the temples of Cambodia this has become a tourist hotspot.

It’s also become one of the settings for the Heineken Dropped campaign. You could find yourself dumped in an unfamiliar land where you’ll be encouraged to challenge yourself and get the most out of life with a rip-roaring adventure.

Here are some of the memorable attractions we would highly recommend if you’re travelling to Cambodia.

The AngkorWat Sunrise

It’s amazing how many people will travel to the Angkor Wat just to see a sunrise. To get the best view, which is unobstructed, sit on the steps of one of the outbuildings. Make sure you get in position for about 5:30am.

Whilst you’re here, you should see the bas-relief walls. They depict the various gruesome levels of heaven and hell. There are also 1,800 ornate carvings of the Dancing Maidens to see. Just beware of monkeys as they live here and will grab things from your hands.

The Angkor Thom

Nicknamed Uncle Tom because of the way the locals pronounce the name, this is a smaller version of the Angkor Wat. It’s known mainly for its 54 stone warriors which flank the entrance. They’re fighting over a snake. You might notice all the warriors seem to be headless. This is because looters from the Vietnam War took them when Cambodia fell under the domination of the Khmer Rouge.

The bas-relief walls are here aren’t as gruesome. They’re more serene and focus on men playing chess and the afterlife.

Open Your Eyes at the New Hope Restaurant

The Siem Reap is the home of the New Hope Restaurant. It’s renowned for serving one of the best meals in the area. It’s also a trade school for former sex workers, at risk kids, and a free medical clinic. The restaurant actually funds the place. You can engage with the kids and travellers can even teach them a thing or too. You’ll have to book a tour in advance, though.

The owner of the New Hope Restaurant used to run a big five-star hotel before taking a significant wage cut to open this restaurant.

Sunset Tour, Quad Adventures Cambodia

Ever wanted to ride an ATV through Cambodia and witness a cool orange sunset? Well now you can on some of Cambodia’s rural dirt roads. You’ll see lots of village kids with their hands out ready to give you a high five. You’d best keep your hands on the handlebars at all times, though. These roads have lots of holes and can easily bump you off if you aren’t careful.

Sunset in the rice paddies is what makes this tour so popular. Your guides will stop between the rice fields to give you an awesome look at the sunset. It basks the entire area in a warm orange glow which you can only get in exotic nations like the Philippines.

Make sure you wear something you don’t care about because you’ll be the colour of dirt by the time you return home!

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