Maternity Dresses Perfect For Keeping Cool This Summer

June 18, 2013 by adilkaya  
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Summer is never a great time of year to be pregnant.

While everyone else is basking in the warm sunshine and making the most of summer weather, pregnant ladies often feel more sensitive to heat and this can be extremely uncomfortable. Dressing appropriately can make all the difference, helping you enjoy both your pregnancy and the warmer temperatures outside.

Cool Maternity Fashions for Daytime Wear

Modern maternity clothes are specially designed to celebrate the your pregnancy right alongside you. You want to look cool and comfortable, but you don’t want to swathe yourself in the voluminous smocks of bygone generations. Loose clothing doesn’t have to look like a sack, however, as gorgeous fabrics and clever tailoring make sure you stay fashionable and attractive right through to the end of your baby-carrying days.

Fabrics are an important factor in helping you stay cool during a summer pregnancy. Man-made fabrics that cling to the skin tend to make you feel hotter and more uncomfortable no matter what time of year, but when the summer sun burns down this feeling is only intensified. Opting for softly draping, natural fabrics will let the air circulate over your skin; the garments are also likely to be less irritating. Natural fabrics don’t just mean cotton. Look out for viscose too. This is made from tree bark and is also pleasantly soft, comfortable and cool to wear.

Print fabrics are always attractive and perfect for summer afternoon wear. If you want to put your feet up (always a good idea when you’re pregnant), you can choose from a huge selection of pretty summer day dresses when you buy maternity dresses online. You’ll also have the advantage of not even having to leave home when you shop.

Taking Maternity into the Evening

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you automatically turn into a stay-at-home frump. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy your normal nightlife for as long as you feel you have the energy and the inclination.

Maternity clothes that are suitable for the evening include leggings, which can look stunning under an oversized shirt with added sparkle. Maternity leggings are not only designed for comfort; if you choose leggings that are made from a stretchy material, the pair may offer a little support for your bump, providing relief if you suffer from back ache, particularly on a night out when you may be feeling a little tired anyway.

If leggings are not your style, or you’re looking for something a little more dressy, maternity maxi dresses are perfect for all kinds of evening entertainment, from romantic restaurant dates to a night at the theatre.

Fitted dresses too are ideal for a casual evening out with friends and light summer fabrics are easy to wear as well as cool against the skin.

There’s no need to sacrifice style when trying to keep your cool during blazing summer weather. With pretty sleeveless dresses, fashionable maternity shorts or long and floaty ankle-length dresses, maternity clothes are designed to take you from breakfast to supper in relaxed and comfortable style.

Connie Read is an experienced fashion writer who writes for numerous online websites and blogs. She keeps a close eye on where you can buy maternity dresses online to keep her readers up to date with the latest styles.

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