Make Your Own Panty Liners

September 14, 2008 by Gloria Lane Hass  
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Buying panty liners can be quite expensive and fill up your trash can very quickly. Follow this pattern and make your own washable panty liners for a couple of dollars.

Panty liners that you purchase in the store are made out of harsh bleached material and some of them have a gel that you could be allergic to or that may cause a rash in a very delicate area of your body.

These panty liners are great for bladder leakage or spotting caused from menstrual periods.

Making and using your own panty liners will save you a lot of money plus you’ll be helping your environment by cutting down on what goes in your town’s landfill.

Purchase one yard or two yards of cotton or flannel material. (One yard of material will make approximately 10 or 11 panty liners. Two yards of material will make 18 or 19 panty liners.)

Wash, dry and iron your material.

Spread your material out on a large table or on the floor. The length of the panty liner will be eight inches long. * Measure eight inches from the end of the material towards the middle of the fabric. Cut a two inch length with your scissors then rip the material to the other end of the piece of fabric. * Repeat from * to * until all you have left are long strips of fabric.

Take one of the strips and fold the material over width wise three inches. Fold the material over six times then cut length wise. You have one panty liner! Continue folding with all of the strips of material.

Place the panty liners in a pile.

Either hand or machine sew both the ends and the length of the panty liner closed.

Hand sew a Velcro strip on the bottom of the panty liner and the other strip on the crotch of your underpants.

Once you are finished sewing all of the panty liners, wash them again in a mild detergent. Place in your dresser drawer and they are ready to wear!

These panty liners can be folded in half and can be carried in your purse. Carry an empty zippered storage or sandwich bag to place soiled panty liners once they have been changed.

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