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May 28, 2011 by Ruby Hawk  
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A stylish look perks you up and makes you feel good about yourself, so be careful about the underwear you choose.Your whole look can be ruined by the wrong bra or panty. Most of us at one time or another, take a good look in the mirror and wonder what in the world happened. Sometimes this can be remedied by getting the right fitting underwear and and a little makeup.

A poorly fitting bra makes you look older, thicker and less in proportion. The best way to get the right fit is with an in store fitter. Here are the guidelines to follow. The bra shouldn’t ride up in the back. If it does the bra is too big. The band should fit snugly under your breasts. That probably means the band should fit much tighter than the one you are wearing now. The band provides 90% of support. A size 10 top will generally require a size 34 bra and, a 12 to 14 top generally requires a size 36. If you are fuller breasted go on to the larger sizes.

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Don’t tighten the straps too much, but if they fall off the shoulders they are too lose. Straps that dig into your shoulders are too tight. Buy a bra that fits when it hooks to the loosest, not the tightest row because bras stretch over time and, if it’s too loose it won’t fit. You want to leave a way to tighten it up over several months.

Breast feeding, weight changes and aging can leave breasts less firm, but the right bra can keep you looking good. What you want is a contour bra. They have stiffer foam like cups that lend shape and support. They aren’t padded but they give you a firm contoured look.

If you want to eliminate panty line and don’t like thongs, boy shorts or laser cut edges are almost undetectable. If you wear high rise panties don’t wear low rise pants. Let your underwear mirror the shape of your clothing.

Shaping products smooth away bulges and keep you from walking around jiggling. They are more stylish and comfortable than girdles. A high waisted power panty slims your midriff, thighs, tummy and butt.

You can get a polished look with just three products. Tinted moisturizer is the most important one, it evens out skin tone. Choose one with sunblock and dab a little extra on dark circles and blemishes. Swipe on lip gloss to make lips look full and healthy. Finish with brown mascara and you’re done. If you want a little something extra apply a light dusting of apricot or peachy blush.

If you have a few hints of gray along the scalp or stray hairs, disguise it with a little brown or black mascara. Don’t have time for styling? Pull it back in a pony tail and grab a simple barrette that will blend into your hair. Now, go on out there and have a good time.

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21 Responses to “Looking Good”
  1. webseowriters Says:

    really looking good

  2. ashan1614 Says:

    Great advice! I personally get tired of seeing women walk around in bras that let their breast sag down to their stomachs and too tight underwear that make for a tell-tale line.

  3. LoveDoctor Says:

    These are awesome tips Ruby. That’s why I shop at victoria secret. I have to admit that wearing sexy panties and a nice fitting bra does make you look and feel sexy. Make sure that it matches.

  4. yes me Says:

    Not my kind of thing bras and panties Ruby although I must admit I have
    found my self with my hands full he he he in times past cheers
    I know I’M CHEEKY

  5. Jimmy Shilaho Says:

    Some good advice here.

  6. Cassle Tang Says:

    Perfect! With just one article, you managed to cover almost all aspects in order to look good! :) Great job!

  7. lapasan Says:

    good beauty tips. this will be of help to lots of women.

  8. Hettie Says:

    Sounds good Ruby. I have just brought myself new foundations garments, so far so good.

  9. Annettenasser Says:

    i like it..

  10. amitchawla Says:

    sounds good

  11. Atanacio Says:

    well rounded info-article– hmm :)

  12. narupem11 Says:

    Very Well Written

  13. Brenda Nelson Says:

    good tips.. I must say when I look around at some heavy men, I think some of them would benefit by wearing a bra

  14. Shirley Shuler Says:

    Sounds like some good advice to me, Ruby

  15. Catelin Hoover Says:

    Ruby What a great artilce…straightforward, informative, and to the point…although I like just a touch of soft beige eyeshadow and I wouldn’t be without eybrow pencil (no natural eyebrows that are easily visible). Now add the right clothes for the right occassion and your “success” all the way. Love the article.

  16. LCM Linda Says:

    Excellent advice to women. Choose well and we can make ourselves look better.

  17. sambasivarao Says:

    Beautiful tips for increase the beauty of beautiful ladies.

  18. SharifaMcFarlane Says:

    That brush in color works wonders.

  19. Moses Ingram Says:

    Good advice.

  20. Tulan Says:

    Good advice for every woman who wants to look good, which means just about every one of us.

  21. Molly Girl 822 Says:

    I like your advice about minimal make-up. At we age, the more we try to hide our flaws, the older we look. Thanks for the tips.

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