Lingerie: Why Do They Call Them French Knickers?

March 2, 2011 by LadyElena  
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Why do they call them French Knickers?

French knickers are very popular in England. They are loose and comfortable around the thighs, with no elasticated leg cuffs and they feel sexy too. They are best worn with skirts and free flowing dresses. 

The term French knickers  come from the fact that they look similar to the underwear worn in Parisienne dancing, called the Can-Can. This dance originated in Paris around 1830 and became regularly performed in the Moulin Rouge. The word can-can is French and means “scandal”.  It has always been thought of as a very sexy dance routine.




Advantages of wearing French Knickers


a) Very comfortable – quite the opposite of a thong, that could get stuck in your bum.


b) Air could get to your nether regions.

c) Smooth appearance under clothes. There is no VPL – Visible Panty Liner.


I was wondering what the French call Englands’ Knickers…

Could it be, Le Knickers Anglais?


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17 Responses to “Lingerie: Why Do They Call Them French Knickers?”
  1. Nikita Phadke Says:

    Wow looks quite comfy and beautiful! thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Xandine Says:

    I’m a man, what can I say…Nice pictures? :-D Good post.

  3. Jerry Bradford aka Jerry Atrixx Says:

    Was there an article there? Forgive me I was distracted by those beautiful err um, underwear.

  4. genicuta Says:

    good article,thanks.

  5. anndavey650 Says:

    Ze silly pantaloons worn by ze eeven mor stupeed engleeesh probably. *Girns*

  6. anndavey650 Says:

    Or Grins… my typing…

  7. youthinksokiddo Says:

    cool, they look comfy

  8. rjlowney Says:

    Quite a ‘revealing’ article. (pardon me for being cheesy)

  9. LadyElena Says:

    Thanks for your comments everyone. I appreciate you stopping by.

    @AnneDavey – I’m just looking for my french .
    @Jerry. lol
    @rjlowney. Cheers. :)

  10. Thespeakman Says:

    French Knickers are just sexier- classier

  11. giftarist Says:

    Uhm. Wow. :D

  12. perezz Says:

    so nice article.

  13. UncleSammy Says:

    Nice Share

  14. Anjili Says:

    Cool article you got here Lady_E

  15. Christine Ramsay Says:

    This post made me smile. I prefer knickers that hold you in, not let you out, lol.

  16. Audrey Howitt Says:

    Ok, now I want some! They look so comfortable and sexy too! Nice combo don’t you think?

  17. jimbob1 Says:

    LadyE…a very interesting, enlightening, informative, educational article…nice use of great artwork as well…I voted that I like this submission…mine was only the second vote…what is wrong with people, why don’t they vote? It just isn’t fair…Les Femmes get all the nice looking, comfy wear…makes me jealous!!! Thanks and take care…

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