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April 6, 2012 by MissBerlee  
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A closer look at the latest makeup trends for 2012.

Have you noticed that your makeup bag seems to change as the weather changes? There are so many looks for the different seasons that it can be rather hard to keep up with it all. One of the best things that you can do with this is to keep an eye on the catwalk and the fashion magazines where the latest fashions for makeup will be clearly marked out to help you in your journey.

Smoky eyes are one of the fashion styles that never seems to go out of fashion so for your nighttime occasions, bear this in mind. In the summer this look can be mixed with pale lipsticks and a hint of gloss and for the winter, a plum colored lipstick in a matte shade. This is basically two looks for the price of one and will help you through any season regardless of the latest makeup trends.

Celebrities are usually pretty spot on when it comes to latest makeup trends and one of the most iconic women that you can follow is Victoria Beckham. When she is wearing it, you know that it is the very height of fashion! One of the look that she very often rocks is one of neutral lips and smoky eyes and this just goes to show that this is a look that will rarely go out of fashion.

Celebrities are actually the best people to look at when it comes to the latest fashion trends and people such as Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes and even Rihanna can all be used as role models to base your makeup styles on. Why not take a good peek for yourself and see if you can recreate some of the most iconic looks of the year?

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    Good informative article, thank you.

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    Thanks for your comments! It’s always good to share the makeup trends with girls – especially when you read as many celebrity and fashion magazines as I do haha!

    Thanks guys & Happy Easter! :)

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