Lady Gaga Appeared on The Net: Burqa Song Splits Fans

August 6, 2013 by hayakhan  
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Lady Gaga (27) published on 11 November her new album "artpop". Even before she makes a stir once again – you be immersed in the internet song "Burqa" (German: Burka) heated tempers.

Lady Gaga wraps up in a pink full-body veil – on the Philip Teacy fashion show in September 2012 in London

There should be an unfinished demo version of the song act, which appears on some platforms also under the title “aura”. In particular, the contents of the almost four-minute tracks makes for discussions on the net.

“This woman is getting worse,” “The song is the horror”, “I’m confused”, “No, please!”, “These lyrics are a joke” or “I really do not know what to make of it” , read a few of the many comments that are intended to express lack of understanding about the new Gaga song.

Gaga-style burqas in 2012 on the “Fashion Week” in London. For both versions criticism rained down

Reason: “Burqa” sings Lady Gaga : “I have killed my poor friend, you are on Highway 10 in the trunk left, hides a knife under the hood. (…) With the veil I protect the splendor of my face. “

Later, Lady Gaga asks in the song: “Want to see me naked? Want to reach the climax of a cover? Want to see the girl who is surrounded by a mystery? “

Lady Gaga’s penchant for the burqa is well known. She wore in public already own versions of the garment, which is the complete concealment of the body and is worn by women in many Muslim countries. But now that she also sings a song about a burka wearer is new. And for many listeners seem an affront!

In addition, there are indignant voices in the network but also many fans who keep their idol and find nothing offensive in the song. And you? Write us your opinion in the forum!

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