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December 22, 2010 by sloshyd  
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Asia is starting to really make waves in the fashion World and the two main hubs of Asian fashion are Korea and Japan. Korean fashion is making a name for itself with its sleek styles and unique flair.

Korean fashion is one of the two main hubs in the Asian fashion world along with Japan. Korean fashion has taken the best from western fashion trends and added its own unique touches. So what is that characterizes Korean fashion and how can you get the same look.

Korean Fashion – Born In The West

During the late 80’s and early 90’s thousands of Korean’s began studying overseas. These students adopted the western cultures they visited and brought them back with them when they returned to Korea. These young professionals started what is now a flourishing fashion trend in Korea. 

So influenced by the west is Korean fashion, that some critics say it is simply a carbon copy of the New York Fashion scene and a dulled down version of the vibrant Harajuku culture of Japan. Well worse things could be said about a countries fashion than comparing it to the fashion scenes of New York and Tokyo.

The fact is that Korean fashion is greatly influenced by the New York fashion scene, but they always add their own Korean touch to make it unique and interesting.

Korean Fashion – Layer upon Layer

One of the key elements of Korean fashion is layering. This is both stylish and practical due to the cool climate much of the year. There are two different styles of layering evident in Korean fashion. There is the high end, sleek style of layering where each item complements the color and texture of the other layers. Then there is the street, cute style that incorporates bright clashing colors which contrast each separate layer.

Layering is not just a female fashion tool in Korea. The men also get in on the act often wearing light long sleeve t shirts with a low v neck cardigan, together with a scarf and stylish hat. Add a sash bag, skinny jeans with brand name belt and some killer shoes and you are all layered up.

Korean Fashion – Accessories

Like the Harajuku fashion scene, Korean fashion relies heavily on accessories. It is not uncommon to see a Korean woman wearing a plain jeans and t shirt outfit, but dressing it up with a highly expensive hand bag and belt, with a wicked pair of high heeled boots. In fact high heeled shoes and knee high boots are a must in any Korean Womans wardrobe. Hats and belts are a favorite accessory. 

Korea has a region called Cheongdom where there is a street named Rodeo Drive taken from the original in Beverly Hills. Like its name sake, Rodeo Drive is a hub for high class fashion in Korea and a favourite place for people to buy their expensive brand name clothes and accessories.

One unique fashion in Korea is the popularity of wearing clothes with English words on them. These English words are not used for their meaning but rather for the look and therefore the meaning often does not make sense. There may be several words that have no correlation to each other but simply look good to the designer. You will see many people wearing over sized T shirts with English slogans written across them.

Korean Fashion – Sexy

There is one attribute of Korean fashion that is undeniable and that is how sexy it is. It is amazing that in the peak of winter women are still wearing miniskirts with knee high boots. The school girl look is also very popular in Korea as it is in Japan, and spreading throughout the rest of the World. Women in Korea wear high heel shoes everywhere as well. It is amazing how some of them can traverse the city scape in such high heels.

Korean Fashion – Where to Purchase

Unless you live in Korea, the best place to buy Korean Fashion is online. There are plenty of online stores that specialize in Korean Fashion. One of the best of these is Asia Jam. They have a huge collection of different clothes at very good prices and very low shipping. They also offer deals and give aways. Harajukucool is also a good site that has some good commentary on Asian fashion and some links to some unique Fashion sites. 

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