Key Trends for Street Style Dressing for Women

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Street wear can be defined as contemporary apparel, a blend of sporty classics and military rigidness; closely connected to diverse subcultures, especially hip-hop and skateboarders, street fashion has scored high on the popularity quotient since its inception in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Interestingly, authentic street wear had no association with the streets. So, don’t be misled by the name. It originated when Shawn Stussy used his surfboard designs on T shirts and sold them from his car. He is the one who is credited to be the creator of the modern embodiment of what we know as the street style of today.

Before you decide on the street fashion must-haves for your wardrobe, you need to understand what makes the pieces special. A casual and trendy piece that creates a buzz from the day it is introduced can be part of the street wear collection; the only other criterion it has to meet is that it has to stay in fashion for the next few decades.

The influence a piece has on the cultural context and the duration for which it stays in demand determines its acceptance in the world of street style. Now, let’s pay attention to what a girl of today must know about the trends that rule this fashion cult.

Neutrals are nice; dollops of colour work too. Black, white and grey add to the rugged-chic look of street wear. However, the recent trend is to go colourful. Whether it is a snazzy pink jumpsuit or a hot green scarf, dashes of bright colours add to the look. You can also opt for pieces that have hints of colour against a neutral background.

If it’s on your mind, it can be on your T shirt too. T shirts are the characteristic embodiment of street style. Another attribute of this style is the statement it makes. Bold and sassy quotes on the tees create the perfect pieces. Combination of graphic and text is another trend you may follow to get the right look.

Cotton, terry, jeans – the comfort matters most. Whether you choose to dress up in a simple grey knitted maxi dress, a black vest and powder blue pants or a white top and denim shorts, the comfort factor plays an important role in this style. Fabrics that look and feel comfortable score high on the popularity charts of street smart clothing.

Prints can add the right zing to the dresses. It’s true that solid colours provide the best background for smart quotes or chicly images. However, that isn’t the only choice. Another trend that remains true to street style is fashionable prints. Zigzags, animals, chevron – the options are endless when it comes to the prints that add the right dose of drama.

A little whimsy boosts the fun quotient. Hip-hop, surfboards, beaches and clubs – the casual vibe of street style owes its origin to numerous and diverse connections. Quirky hats and snapbacks, watches with large dials or eccentric motifs, simple white sneakers with electric blue knitted socks and such other accessories make the right statement.

There is nothing hush-hush about street wear. Having the right attitude to carry off street wear is much more important than having the right apparel and accessories in your wardrobe. If you are attracted to the bold and the beautiful, this is the style for you.

Where do you shop for fashionable street wear? An online store presents the best opportunities. Choose a store that stocks the high-on-style brands such as Crooks & Castles, Freshjive, and Supreme and so on. Check out the products available and select the ones that match your style. Street style, after all, is all about how you interpret it.

Author Bio: Bryony Parker is a fashion journalist and a blogger. She writes on men’s apparels and fashion trends. According to her, urban style is as popular as it is comfortable and relaxing. While writing for her fashion blogs she takes inspiration from Yukka. You can add Bryony to your Google+ circle and explore more about him.

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