Is It Now Fashionable to Wear The Same Jeans Everyday for Six Months Straight??

October 1, 2010 by AshleyApathy  
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We take a look inside what is now going on in the world of denim lovers. You may be disgusted.

People who are denim crazy are now going all out unique with it! They want their own, original jeans. What they mean by that is getting raw denim jeans, wearing them for quite a lot of days in a row, and making it their own. Raw denim, also known as dry denim, means it hasn’t been washed before it hits the shelves. Which results in the denim being stiff and covered in indigo dyes that gradually rub off, creating creases behind the knees, wrinkles at the hips, and outlines of cell phones, wallets, pagers, and anything else you usually car in your pockets. 

People are doing this because instead of buying pre-made torn, bleached, and other pre-made damaged jeans, they’d rather make their own. While having it looking fashionable, it also is one of a kind. One man in particular wore his for 6 months, and wrote a blog about his experience. If interested in this unique new trend, go to the following website:

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29 Responses to “Is It Now Fashionable to Wear The Same Jeans Everyday for Six Months Straight??”
  1. The Soul Explorer Says:

    nice share.

  2. wonder Says:

    This is quite interesting.

  3. SuperMember Says:

    good post, pleas comment on my last articles! :)

  4. JoeLopy Says:

    Very interesting.

  5. Ethics0006 Says:

    Nice Stuff

  6. Lwandaz Tale Says:

    Interesting and a tad worrisome too! but I guess its all in search for elusive individuality

  7. Adelnica Amor R. Izon Says:

    i like this^^

  8. addjusting Says:

    yeah that is a good way of innovation.

  9. webseowriters Says:

    Thanks for sharing

  10. Freedom Rising Says:

    Actually doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

  11. Mr Arrogant Says:

    so You can save money this way too
    great idea

  12. JoyablesVergara Says:

    actually it’s true. . .

  13. Kaye TM Says:

    yah. i’ve heard about this. this is an interesting article. im glad you brought it up. thanks!

  14. Gowtham Mandarada Says:

    Nice share.

  15. giftarist Says:

    I wonder what it smells for 6 months. :)

  16. emlt89 Says:

    Great article, very interesting – thanks for sharing!

  17. mykseverino88 Says:

    what a saving tips… less electricity for laundering and ironing!

  18. R.Lawas Says:

    Intersting! :-)

  19. R.Lawas Says:

    Interesting! :-)

  20. jamesrcoffey Says:

    We did this back in the 60s. That’s why they called us dirty Hippies!

  21. Tattoo3658we Says:

    Yes that is disgusting, but what ever floats Your boay ;)

  22. Darryl Says:

    I wouldn’t say wearing them for six months every day is fashionable. I’d say raw denim allows you to put your own marks on them, and in that way they become fashionable.

  23. AshleyApathy Says:

    that’s what were saying.

  24. lucia anna Says:

    Thanks for sharing

  25. Ruben92b Says:

    thats pretty interesting, come to think of it i do wear my favorite jeans alot

  26. Ubel Ein Says:

    Well, it saves on the laundry bill:)

  27. Erin Miller Says:

    Wow. I think that’s disgusting. If a friend of mine wore the same jeans for six months straight without washing them I’d tell them the damn truth that they stink and have poor hygiene. I shudder thinking of this. There is also that trend where people use the dry shampoos and don’t take many showers. I also find that gross.

  28. DemonDogZack Says:

    Pass me the burlap sack lol That is gross.

  29. neopisiva Says:

    Guess that’s what fashion is about…:) I like jeans,although I do not wear one pair for six months straight…and they are always clean,what’s more important.

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