Invest Wisely in Your Wardrobe

June 20, 2009 by Ruby Hawk  
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It isn’t as expensive as you might think to keep a stylish wardrobe. Neither does it take a closet full of clothes. The pieces should mix and match thereby doubleing costume choices and keeping prices at a minimum.

A little smart thinking can drastically cut down on the money you spend to maintain a decent wardrobe. First of all inspect all your clothing. Toss aside the blunders you have made in the past and any clothing too worn or out of style. You can donate those to a Salvation Army store or any Thrift shop. Now look at the pieces you have left.

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You might make your dresses look more presentable with a new belt, scarf, or more colorful buttons. Maybe you could make a dress shorter or add a ruffle around the bottom. You could also shorten a dress to wear as a blouse. Just cut it off evenly, hem and press. If you had rather have short sleeves, cut and hem those. If you have long pants you no longer wear, cut them off and wear as shorts. Or you might add colored pockets, a matching band around the hem and a belt to change the look. There are many ways to change the appearance of a piece of clothing when you look at it with a seeing eye.

Always when buying clothing keep in mind what you have in your closet. Buy a blouse to match a skirt and pants you already have. Do not buy items with beads, fur and other decorative touches. They drive the cost up and usually look tacky after a few washes. Buy plainer more versatile pieces and add a scarf or your own necklace. It looks smarter and saves you money.

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A long sleeved silk dress is always in style. You can wear it winter and summer. Choose one that looks good with a couple of jackets you already have. You can wear it to weddings,parties, and on the street with an appropriate jacket. A black suit is never out of style. With a different blouse and accessories you can wear it for years. And another positive, it doesn’t have to be cleaned as often therefore saving you more money.

In winter consider wearing tights rather than hose. They cost about a third more than hose but you will get more than twice the wear. Look for pieces that can serve more than one use. A suit jacket can go with dresses, skirts, or pants. Blouses should go with pants, skirts, and shorts. Buy everything to interchange with other pieces.

Shoes should be tried on in the afternoon or evening when you feet are at their largest. If you know which of your feet is larger try on that foot. Be sure the shoe doesn’t pinch anywhere. Your big toe should not touch the tip of the shoe. Walk around the store and be sure they are comfortable. You can’t go wrong with classic black but gray and tan are also popular. A colorful purse to brighten up your outfit is flattering.

The best time to shop for winter clothes is in January, summer clothes in July. Just be sure that anything you buy is something you would buy anyway. Don’t get swept up in the sale mania and buy useless items that squanders your money.

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16 Responses to “Invest Wisely in Your Wardrobe”
  1. Jenny Heart Says:

    Very logical neat advice. Saves money too. Like it!

  2. ken bultman Says:

    Good article. I read it primarily to boost my estrogen level. lol

  3. Deep Blue Says:

    Really nice tips for ladies and men caught in women’s clothes.

  4. clay hurtubise Says:

    Good advice, now I’m off to Khols’!

  5. Christine Ramsay Says:

    I know I should do these things but I do get swept along and waste so much money on things I don’t wear afterwards. Good advice.


  6. Sheila M Says:

    Thank you for the good tips!

  7. Daisy Peasblossom Says:

    I do most of these things. Especially since buying my house. It just is not possible to buy new stuff all the time.

  8. Kate Smedley Says:

    Some great advice Ruby, I always try and buy in the sales if I can as you say, when things are out of season. Excellent article!

  9. NA Staffieri Says:

    Good tips, Ruby. I always felt that clothing was more of an investment in yourself. Dress for success.

  10. PR Mace Says:

    Good advice, Ruby. Most of which I already follow. I go though my clothes twice a year, spring and fall and with usually just a few new pieces I am ready for the season. My favorite is to have many shirts. They can be mixed and matched with black pants, jeans or several different skirts.

  11. Duff D Moss Says:

    My wife just settles for me wearing a clean pair of pants or shirt (if lucky, both) She might of course find some value from this :-)

  12. Anne Lyken Garner Says:

    Great advice, Ruby. I’m a frugal spender so I already do a lot of these.

  13. Ruby Hawk Says:

    Thank you my friends for your comments and the “I likes” I am very frugal and I pinch every penny most of the time though sometimes I go a little overboard. Some of my favorite blouses are cut off dresses. I can make them short, longer, or whatever length I need, adjust the sleeves to order,change buttons, add pockets or insets and have a completely new piece of clothing. It’s fun to see what you can come up with.

  14. CA Johnson Says:

    Thanks for the wonderful advice, Ruby. I am also a frugal shopping who can get carried away at times when I shop.

  15. StumbleUponWriter Says:

    I suppose these are mostly tips for the ladies. Great read, I must say. I can recommend these tips to my mom and sis.. ;)

  16. CutestPrincess Says:

    thanks for the advice, i love to shop for wardrobe but im a good consumer…

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