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January 28, 2010 by francydiaz  
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The way to get dressed for job interviews may be crucial to achieve the desired job or not, as you know, “a picture is worth a thousand words” but the image goes first.

It is important to make a good impression overall, with costumes, makeup, hairstyle, learn to be, even cologne or perfume that we do may influence the selection …

… Thinking that maybe the interviewer does not like this perfume and this may negatively influence the selection of place of work.

The physical image that you have to design, influence both the type of company and position you aspire to.

It is therefore very important that you informed youself very well, the type of company you possibly going to work dressed as workers, etc..

In general, choose formal wear, casual wear avoids like jeans, shirts, leather, tennis shoes (unless you’re going to do an interview for a sports store, or some other work already know that does not require clothing formal) and above choose neutral colors like gray, black, beige, etc. distract us from the interviewer.

It is important that you combie the colors of your wardrobe; In general if you take a suit jacket or tailored suit, will be the same color that the two pieces. To break the harmony of color can be combined with any other garment like a shirt of any color, like white, beige or even the same predominant color.

A tip ….
…. If you want to see you more stylish you can wear a suit of black, brown, midnight blue or navy blue, dark colors eventually.
Try not to mix winter and summer clothing, or striped with pictures, etc..

It is important that you go comfortable / os with the clothes selected

As for supplements, choose light quality jewelry, bracelets avoids gestures that make noise when lifting, too long or large earrings and colored rings or also very large.

The shoes must be of a neutral color, the best is black, room type, tuned or round-tipped and very importantly, always take “super” clean. This is a factor that say a lot of people …

You’ll have to avoid platform shoes, give a more informal.

The nails will have to bear the clean, either French manicure or nail and a short or medium length, never very long. Avoid very bright colors like red.
The makeup has to be discreet, after the fashion of the time, and keeping the colors that ye be applied in accordance with the apparel.

That if, if you go to a job interview for a cosmetics firm, shall know very well how is the brand style to style with Makarios.

The kids must avoid the two-day beard and if you wear a beard, this highly polished.

As for the hair you must always apply finishing product like pomade or wax, since you give more image quality.

And you girls is important that you bear hair clean, well groomed, working with hair, and if necessary finishing products like foam or hair gel for curly hair or frizzy.

I hope these tips serve you for your job interviews.

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