Inner-wears Without Tricky Hooks

January 23, 2011 by Suni51  
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Now the most sensational news prior to the valentine day comes. The inner-wear need no hooks. What a relief.

The special set of inner-wear

Hold your breath and listen to me, the fight is over and you don’t have to struggle with those tricky hooks on the bra any more. The very friendly bra hook-opener department store in Britain has recently introduced this hi-tech line of inner-wears that stays on. They will soon sell a collection of French inner-wears that will have these tiny, invisible magnets in place of the conventional hooks those were really a problem at the time of, you know when, as the unclasping would be far too easy now.

And to add to the fun, the bra will have matching panties as well, with “clip-off, clip-on” (in that order I think) which have magnetic stripes at the sides for the grip.

But the cost is a little bit too high at this point of time, that would make people think twice before purchasing them only BP165 for a pair.

Looking at that from another angle like “Fumbling to unhook a bra strap can be such a killjoy” it would be worth those killing ponds as the time spent on that useless exercise called wrestling with that hook can certainly be replaced with a better job. I think this invention is going to hit the inner-wear market like any thing and the people won’t mind rushing for a pair, who cares.  

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6 Responses to “Inner-wears Without Tricky Hooks”
  1. lxdollarsxl Says:

    mmmmmmmm will definately be a hit with the men

  2. LadyElena Says:

    Another great invention – I wonder if it was a man or woman who invented this….Mmmmh. lol

  3. CHIPMUNK Says:

    great share

  4. Starpisces Says:

    haha, I’m holding my breath and listening, but burst into laughter so cannot hold the breath longer, very interesting.

  5. tonywriter Says:

    lol great share I like it,Thanks :)

  6. juny423 Says:

    ok…another underwear articles hmnnn :p

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