Indonesian Women Bearded Drag Universal Attention

October 2, 2013 by momoen  
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Indonesian women bearded drag universal attention.

Perempuan Indonesia berjenggot tarik perhatian sejagat

An Indonesian woman from the city of Bay Bintan , Riau Islands Province has a beard . After being hidden by the veil she finally opened up .

The Daily Mail newspaper reported on Wednesday ( 2/10 ) , a woman named Agustina Dorman received a miracle that after giving birth to her first child . Every time he tried to cut or shave the beard he suffered unbearable pain . Now he let the feathers grow .

Agustina initially felt embarrassed and frightened his children will be ridiculed . That ’s why he hides behind the veil beard . Lucky he was in Indonesia where the veil is not considered strange because the largest Muslim population in the country .

Sure enough , the kids having banter Agustina . That ’s why Agustina took a bold step this week . He no longer hide behind the veil of his beard . He wished everyone knew his condition and could accept it .

Agustina story like Mariam , bearded German woman appeared in a television show in the UK . Mariam says she feels sexy with the hair on the chin .

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