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March 6, 2012 by tzaiwah85  
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This feature article gives fashion tips for men on what kind of bag to use for a certain get-up, whether you would go for a business or casual attire.

A great gray or navy blue suit and a necktie over a clean white long sleeves dress shirt tucked-in in a pair of dark neatly pressed pants, with a black shiny leather belt holding it neatly in place… and of course, a shiny pair of black shoes. Now, turn over to conclude a perfect business style with two thumbs’ up… but wait… is that a traveler’s back pack? Now, that’s a turn off! 

A bag completes any working guy’s outfit, but not when it’s wrongly matched. Business attire deserves nothing less than a formal-looking bag.  For a working guy’s accessory, a back pack or a traveler’s bag is a big no-no, even if you’re taking Masters or Doctors Degree in a university. Moreover, it should match with the occasion and the place. Unless, you plan to go for a vacation, your back pack should remain in your closet on weekdays. 

In most cases, people define your social and economic status by the bag you use, for it speaks a lot about your image. For a great dress shirt over a navy blue suit that highlights an overall business fashion statement, opt for a professional-type laptop bag. If you find it too much for your office style, then perhaps just go for any other stylish ‘man-bags.’ If you work at a service industry and perhaps can pay for a bit of casual look, opt for a cross body messenger bag. It would be the best pick for you. 

Now, for a short sleeve dress shirt with a touch of semi-casual look, you would look great with a leather duffel bag. They also have enough spaces for a perfect weekend get away. It is also polished enough for business. A backpack would also be okay, but sometimes may look rather a bit under-dressed. But don’t worry; with the numerous choices for bags, you just need to consider the occasion and the purpose before finally picking one. And of course, don’t forget to consider the entire get-up you wish to wear for the day. 

And lastly, don’t just settle for the style, also consider the quality of the bag, too. Those with uneven rough surface is more preferred because a very smooth texture received too much treatment already, and for sure, it won’t last that long before you toss it for relief goods. The rough look would also add a touch of style to your personality regardless of what dress shirt type you’d go for. 

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