How to Win Over a Girl’s Heart: Finally Winning Her Over

May 9, 2011 by theonetaiwan  
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It doesn’t matter how much charm you have or even what you say. What matters the most is what you do.

How To Win Over A Girl’s Heart: Finally Winning Her Over

This is for every guy who wants that special someone. YOU CAN FIND THE PERFECT GIRL. What is even better is YOU CAN WIN HER OVER. No matter if you have the charm of a gorilla, following these steps will help you to finally having that one special girl.

First things first, you have to know two essential differences between guys and girls and its NOT just our plumbing. The first difference is the one most people know about; girls will talk about everything while guys stay more secluded about their feelings. The second difference is one that most people do not know but is essential to understanding the opposite sex. Everyone knows that guys want physical touch (this can be as simple as a hug), but what do girls want? Well the one thing girls long for as much as guys long for physical touch is emotional security. FORGET EVERYTHING YOU HAVE SEEN IN THE MOVIES! This is why girls will stay with the same jerk for years because they want to have emotional security. Girls want to be emotionally secure in having a boyfriend, they want to feel loved, and not be insecure with what your doing or who your hanging around with.

What is love? Love is simply this, caring about the other person’s needs and wants more than your own and giving without expecting anything in return. IT IS NOTHING MORE OR LESS. Love is a choice not just a feeling. YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE TO LOVE EVEN WHEN THE FEELING IS GONE. If you can wrap your brain around this concept then you’ll realize you can love someone without them loving you back. This is unconditional love. The same love God has for us.

Now that we know the two differences and what love is we can now follow these easy steps to finding the right girl and winning her over.


Don’t be caught up with the term “love at first site” its a good idea but extremely rare. Think logically about the girl and ask yourself these things, “Do we have anything in common?”, “Can I actually hold a conversation with her?”. If you answered no, this is NOT the girl you want to be chasing after. PHYSICAL ATTRACTION IS NOT LOVE. Remember the person will not change after the words “I do”.

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