How to Make Money Offering Adult Services

October 29, 2013 by Joseph Barrett  
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If you have been looking for a way to make some money in a hurry offering.

If you have been looking for a way to make some money in a hurry offering, adult services may just be your answer. Today, we are going to provide you with some different adult services that you can offer to make good money yet we highly recommend that you make sure the listed services are legal in your area to avoid getting yourself into legal trouble. Now, let us get started.

Web Cam

Web cam models make a decent amount of money yet it can take some time for the money to start coming in if you are someone that is new to the field. Web cam can be done with couples or solo. In this service, you will provide the client’s with what they want whether it be strip teases, live sex shows, girl on girl, dildo play, etc. Most web cam agencies pay via check twice a month or you could start your own site where you are in control of payments etc.


Escorting is adult service that can make you money. It consists of you going out on dates in exchange for cash. However, during this age in time after the date is over the provider usually goes to a discreet location for some adult fun. Escorting prices range depending on your location and what you are planning to do but you are usually paid by the hour. Escorts tend to make more than web cam models due to this fact. However, escorting is not legal in some parts of the world.


Working at a strip club is another way to bring in money. However, your income is going to vary depending on the location as well as the night of the week. Weekends tend to allow strippers to make the most money while the weekdays can be rather slow. Also, when stripping you will have to invest in clothes, shoes, and possibly pole dancing classes. This way you can provide the audience with eye candy so they will be more inclined to tip you.


Prostitution is another way to bring in come money by offering adult services. However, usually it is banned in most areas because it involves having sex with an individual in exchange for cash. This does make decent amount of money yet you are putting yourself at risk of getting an STD or worse.


Offering fetishes to clients can bring you in money as well. Some clients like to have girls come over and perform “golden or brown showers” for large amounts of cash. Others may want to have things such as prostate massages performed or they may want to be spanked. When it comes to fetishes, this niche is virtually limitless.

Overall, when you offer adult services you can make good money. But, it is wise to have a limit on things in regards as to how far you are willing to take things to avoid doing something that you are going to regret.

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