How to make an au pair feel welcome

October 21, 2013 by Emily hall  
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Bringing an au pair into your home can be quite stressful for you and them.

Remember, a new person moving to the UK for the first time is likely to need time to get used to being in a strange place, and living with a family. To make the settling in period for an au pair easier, it’s important to work with reputable companies like the Busy Bee Au Pair Agency, while focusing on creating a welcoming environment for au pairs in your home. What, then, are some of the main areas you should be focusing on when making an au pair comfortable?


It’s a good idea to start off by reassuring au pairs about what to expect when they arrive in your home. Working with an au pair agency, you can draw up a contract and a list of expenses and contact information before they arrive, as well as a general list of what their responsibilities will be. You might also want to chat with au pairs on Skype, which can allow them to see your home and your family.

On Arrival

When au pairs arrive, take the time to gradually introduce them into your home life. If you have very young children, it might be an idea for them to meet au pairs on a one to one basis, as this can prevent a situation from being overwhelming. It’s also a good idea to prepare an au pair’s bedroom, which can involve buying new sheets and covers, painting a room, and investing in new furniture if the room hasn’t been used in some time.

Going Out

You could also take your au pair out for a meal or a drink to make them more relaxed in your company. A meal out with your family can hopefully put them at ease, and set up expectations of how they can fit into your family; this can also be a good opportunity to show them the local area, and to hear any questions or concerns they might have about how their au pair position is going to work out.

Other ways in which you might want to welcome an au pair might involve making sure that they have a television in their room, as well as access to the internet when they arrive; this can be used for them to communicate with home. You can also ask if they have any special dietary needs before they arrive, so you can stock up your kitchen with different items; doing so can help to prevent any misunderstandings.

Working with a good au pair agency can ultimately help you to develop a simple set of approaches to welcome an au pair. You should take the time to research an au pair and speak to them a few times to give them reassurances about what they’re going to expect. Collecting them at the airport, or meeting them with someone from an agency, can also help to build trust and a strong relationship from the onset of a contract.

Author Bio :- Danielle Pearson blogs about how to make the most of au pair set-ups. She recommends working with the Busy Bee Au Pair Agency. Some of her other blogging interests include gardening and countryside walks.

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