How to Host an Earring Party

December 21, 2007 by Kristie Leong MD  
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An earring swap party is a great way to get some wonderful new earrings as well as make new friends.

Do you have earrings in your jewelry box that you no longer wear? Sometimes, for one reason or another, a pair of earrings will no longer work in your wardrobe. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to swap these earrings for a pair you love? You can by having a home earring party. A home earring party is where a group of friends get together along with their unwanted earrings for an evening of fun and earring swapping. Here’s how to plan an earring swap party at your house:

  1. Select Your Guests and Send Your Invitations

    Make a list of your friends who have enjoy jewelry and fashion and are known to have a lot of earrings in their jewelry box. Make a cute invitation with a rubber stamped image of an earring on the front and say something like “Need to find a home for some earrings in your jewelry box? Join us for a night of fun and earring swapping. You’ll leave with marvelous earrings and some great new friends” Encourage everyone to RSVP and estimate how many pairs of earrings they’ll be bringing.

  2. Prepare Your Home for the Earring Swap

    Set up some tables and chairs along with lots of mirrors for trying earrings in your living room. Serve light refreshments such as small desserts and a veggie plate with dip to keep your guests refreshed and help to break the ice. Spread some jewelry and fashion magazines out on the tables to add to the spirit of the swap. Be sure to have plenty of alcohol and cotton swabs available to clean the earring posts. You don’t want one of your guests to experience an infection from an unclean pair of earrings.

  3. When Your Guests Arrive

    When your guests arrive with their earrings to be swapped, count out how many pairs they’re donating and give them a card for each pair of earrings. Each card entitles them to a pair of earrings in the swap. Lay the earrings out on trays or velvet boards on the tables so everyone can see them.

  4. Start the Earring Swap

    After your guests have enjoyed their refreshments and mingled with one another, everyone can gather around the tables with the mirrors and earrings. Have the alcohol and cotton swabs available if anyone should want to try a pair of earrings. Let your guests inspect the earrings and hold them up to their ears as other give opinions on how they look. When everyone is ready, it’s time to start the earring swap. Hold up each pair of earrings and allow the guests to raise their card if they’d like to claim that pair of earrings. Whoever holds the card up first is entitled to that pair of earrings. The swap can turn into lots of fun and everyone will have a great time exploring new earring styles in a fun environment. Keep the swap going until all of the earrings have found a new home.

An earrings swap party is a great way to recycle jewelry, socialize, and make new friends. It’ll be an evening to remember.

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