How to Dress: Indie Style

May 30, 2010 by Sabrina Byrd  
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A quick and easy guide to understanding and imitating the indie style.


Indie aka Independent 


The state of self reliance.

In the same way the Indie music is music not made by the big name record companies, Indie style isn’t dictated by the popular vote.

The individual makes there own style, but there are ground rules before it can be classified as “indie”. So let’s get started!

1. Work what you’ve got!

Layered Tee shirts, tank tops, sweaters and cardigans all work well towards the traditional ideas of originality and simplicity.

Go into your closet and separate things by color, that way you can easily pick and choose what you think would look best layered with what. 

While you’re in there, check out your shoes, usually converse are related to the indie style but anything is acceptable as long as it expresses you. If you hate converse, then don’t wear them! The style is versatile. 

Check your jeans, loose and baggy aren’t exactly what this style is looking for. You want something fitted either to your hips or full out skinny jeans. Try to stay comfortable and in traditional jean colors and cuts. As long as they don’t sag too low or seem baggy on you, they’re perfect. 

As for skirts and dresses, choose the most colorful and patterned ones you have and pair them with subtler tones. Go for the Mod look with loose fitting or over-sized shirts you thought you’d never wear tied with a belt or paired with bright socks or leggings.

2.  Accessorize (yes even the guys)

It’s always good to know how to properly add to your outfits, especially in this style

You want to stick with the color scheme for the most part, choosing one thing that can pop and really shake things up a bit. Use big bold statement pieces like large sunglasses and fake geeky glasses (borrowing from the early 90’s emo style)

Guys, choose extremely bold colors in ties and belts. You can actually use your clothes to accersorize with vests and hoodies as well.

And both sexes can enjoy many varieties of hats and truly organic looks that really express you. (not to say that girls cannot wear ties and boys cannot wear dresses or such)

3. Be yourself. 

That’s what Indie means. Independent. Don’t do it because it’s what everone’s doing, do it because you want to, because you think it’s your style.

Good resources for Indie or indie-ish clothing:

Just about any vintage or bargain store

Just about anywhere ;)

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