How to Dress for Your Body Type

May 9, 2011 by Nell Cobb  
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Dressing for your Body Type.

Have you ever tried something on and it look awful and still bought it?  You waltz into a store with high hopes on a day in which you’ve eaten salads and try on something.  Some days that item will be a shirt, other more daring and confident days, it will be jeans, but either way, the dressing room takes courage to step into. 

            Face it!  Because each body is different, every single woman alive has styles that do not flatter their body type.  The sooner you realize this the better!  If you have an hourglass figure, skinny jeans may not be the most flattering item to wear but, on the other hand, sheath dresses look best on curvy women.  It is that way for ALL body types.  It is not your body that is the problem.  It is your unrealistic expectations of what your body can do that is faulty. 

            You need to realign your perceptions and understand your body’s limitations and possibilities.  Curvy?  Marilyn Monroe was a modern day 8 or 10 and she was beautiful.  She knew the clothes that suited her best.  Thin?  Twiggy revitalized the fashion industry by dresses that are still called twiggy dresses because they suited her figure.  This is the key to fashion and you can do this too.  By dressing to accentuate your figure and your personality, you will adopt your own sense of style that will have others asking you where you got that dress or those jeans. 

            There are guides to help you choose what clothing cuts look best for you depending on your body type.   You can look fabulous regardless of your size!

Take this quiz to see what body type you are!

Ok, so you have your body type.  Based on that, this website gives different things that look good on you based on YOUR size.  So go out and flaunt it girl!  Love every curve because you earned them!

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